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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Promo - never received - DX Delivery lost item! Help


My claim was validated.

DX Delivery tried delivering one day in beginning of December.  I was not home, they left a card.

I arranged re-Delivery to my home address again, they never came nor did they notify me via the card.

I re-arranged at my work place at least 3 times, they still failed to deliver.

I re-arranged at my home on 31 Dec, they failed to deliver.  They then called me to say they would deliver on 03 Jan 2020 between 9am and 1pm.  They again failed to deliver, needless to say, without any notification.

I was waiting at home whole day on both of those last failed deliveries.

Now, about 10 minutes ago, after complaining to the DX CEO, I got a phone call saying they have actually 'lost the item in their network'.

This is sheer incompetence and poor customer service.

The fact that the delivery company failed to give me my watch should, to put it politely, be none of my business.  The whole reason of me paying cash for an S10 was because I was being offered a free Galaxy Watch Active, which upto now, Samsung have failed to honour.

However, I still have not received my Galaxy Watch Active.  Where do I stand?

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Superuser I

When the CEO stated they had lost your parcel what did they then say they would do to remedy that @cryptovash 


I assume you asked ?


If this was my situation I'd also contact Samsung via their contact us options for your particular country if it was them tou bought it off directly.


I wish you all the best with this situation. 



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I have sent a complaint and query to Samsung on Monday.  It is now nearly Friday, no response yet.  

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I have just been onto DX who have stated they have not received the item at the depot and that I need Samsung to resend my watch, HOWEVER they had it down as received and out for delivery 3 times now and now can't get hold of them, Samsung customer support where decent enough but like they said they don't deal with the courier's but will chase it with Thier senior management, why do they use DX?? One simple Google search shows its a company full of thieves and liers this is the 5th package of mine they have "lost" in less than 6 months


Waiting for a samsung watch to be delivered, dx delivery says was delivered and sign for, never happened. Scam company and thieves drivers. Shame for samsung because they choose to work with companys like this.

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