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Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ issues, master list


Do we have a master list of issues that we need Samsung to look into urgently?


Apologies if we do but i just jotted the following down quickly.


  • Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner - this has been fooled by a 3d print of a photo of a fingerprint taken froma a glass, we need a response from Samsung on this ASAP. Why is this "security" weaker than that of every previous biometric secured phone they have offered? Are they looking into this and testing this? Can they offer any reassurances? Can they do anything to address this?
  • Camera - seriously below par performance, imaages are trashed by noise and compression. This is not a hardware issue, it is software. Google camera removes most if not all of this noise when used (can only be done on Snapdragon devices) so please, sort out the camera app
  • Camera - night mode, please do something Samsung as the competition are laying waste to your camera in this regard, you *used* to be the market leader, what happened?
  • Camera - unable to turn off HDR - tried and tested multiple times/ways. HDR is still being applied whether this is turned on or off
  • Camera - we need to be able to change the resolution and not just the aspect ratio, this even works on my wifes S9 with android pie
  • Camera - pro mode for video - please reinstate this, why was this even removed?
  • Notifications - this is huge - please, pelase, PLEASE can Samsung please enhance the GUI or AOD to utilise the camera cutout to act as a notification light. We all know there is no LED anymore to tell us if we have missed calls/messages/emails etc but this is absilutely huge in 2019 to have a phone that does not let the user know if they have items that they need to attend to on their phone, especially when it is seemingly a stupidly easy fix for Samsung to implement. Just look at what has been done by (granted, horrible) 3rd parties in the app store. PLEASE!
  • Notifications - please also use this as a charging light. Basically, just replicate the functionality of the LED on every single previous Samsung phone but use the camera cutout instead, i mean, these are low power OLED after all
  • General OS - it seems quite apparent that this was very rushed and there are aspects of the skin/os that reflect that. This needs sorted

Feel free to add to this list.


Above all, we need some transparency and communication from Samsung about all of the above as they are making a mockery of their 2019 flagships.


Head in the sand is not going to cut it right now guys.


Are any of the ambassadors in communication with Samsung and if not, how do we feed this back to them?


Agreed. Samsung, do something!


Music - all the controls like concert hall etc., have been removed, why?


i tried a similar list a few weeks back but mods merged my post into camera and it was lost in the dark then, am hoping someone will see this message. Sadly Samsung will now shift their focus to 5G variant, A90, Amillion etc and we will be left in the dark again, what a disappointment for a 10th year anniversary phone


For me battery life needs an update it’s not fair that the US Market get an better product than us because of the battery life they get 


Still no updates from Samsung with regards to ANY of the issues that users are reporting. Quite terrible.


And yeah, just noticed that the FP scanner is visible at ALL times in sunlight, not just with a white background. Superb.




As if this wasn’t enough, now I read online that A80 has been released with ToF sensor but for some reason they decided to release their flagship phones with no ToF, initial hands on suggest A80 takes better bokeh and better low light compared to S10, well done Samsung, you take 1000£ and then give us this S10 series with camera modules from 2017, I’m GUTTED


I just saw on the contact site from Samsung, that you can actually write the managers (CEO) of Samsung.

I think I'll copy this list and adjust it so I can write that to them.


Might be prudent to do just that buddy


If we even knew that the issues were in flight to be addressed that would really help but right now.............all I can assume is that Samsung thinks everything is "fine" as they advised about the FP Scanner.




Well I wrote them that it is just unacceptable not to admit any of these issues, for such a expensive phone.  I copied the list above and even linked it.


Uhh, has the contact us page just went down?



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