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Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Global Version - Snapdragon 855 Europe

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I'm thinking of buying the new S10 plus. Here in Europe we only have the Exynos version. I found some sellers on ebay that have one version called Global Model Unlocked with the Snapdragon 855.

It's the Samsung S10 Plus SM G9750. I found another SM G975.

Is this a real global version or not? Can I use this in Europe? The network and fm receptors will work here? Which problems can I get with this version? 





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Superuser I

Hi @T_techboy Buying from fleebay can have its downfalls you could be buying a S10 Clone, not saying the seller is doing that but it’s a well know fact that there is unscrupulous sellers on fleebay.

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I found this article very interesting. please i need an advise, im living here in uae w/c is an exynos supported region, i found a seller here that i can get the model G973U w/c is american version, i like the performance of snapdragon based on research, my only worry is. if i buy the snapdragon s10, will i be recieving OTA software updates? what are the possible issue that i might encounter? please help anyone, i need advice before purchasing, sincerely thanks

The issues you need to check in regards to importing a phone are.


1. Check if the Samsung Manufacturing Warranty is valid when importing a phone.


2. Not all apps such as Samsung Pay will work when importing a phone.


3. Is the phone direct from Samsung or via a mobile phone contract. Your dependant on that countries Samsung division or the network it was on testing the updates and then letting Samsung send them out and even then I've come across people who have imported a phone and haven't recieved firmware or security Patch updates.





this is what info i got with the seller:

model g973U

phone made in korea

AT&T : 6845B 

(the seller told me its factory unlocked and its a sealed box ) 


with this info that i have, can you tell me any conclusions that is sure to happen if i buy this handset and use it here in uae? ill attach the photo so you can verify for me, ill be really glad for your feedback, thanks20190601_133206.jpg


This looks genuine. Can you give me the contact details please. Even I want to buy snapdragon version

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