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Samsung Galaxy S10 & 2.4ghz

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Firstly, hello everyone, and I hope someone can help.


I've recently purchased an air purifier, but am struggling to get the unit to connect to my phone/app.


Having spoken to the manufacturer, they state that my phone needs to be in 2.4ghz wifi, but I can't see anyway of doing this.  I do see the network I need to connect to on the unit, but it very rarely actually connects, and I have never had them successfully pair.


I do have some tech knowledge, but it is fairly limited, although I have never had an issue like this.


Thank you in advance.

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Use different SSID for 2.4 and 5 GHz. 

Then you will know. 


As Trond7800 says. I currently call my 2.4 and 5 ghz networks the same name and let the devices select, hopefully, the best or strongest signal. You on the other hand could choose to call your 2.4ghz network, for example, homewifi2.4 and your 5ghz network homewifi5. Then when you are connecting any devices and scan for available networks you will see both of these available as separate networks and on this case you would tell the device to connect to homewifi2.4. 

You should have the option of namingo Your networks in your router settings. Good luck.

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