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Samsung Galaxy ear buds



i''m having a bit of a problem with my new Samsung Galaxy Earbuds. When i'm listening to anything on my new S10 plus with the phone in my hand its perfect. As soon as I put the phone in my shorts pocket and move my head i have massive interference in my buds and the music cuts in and out. The minute I take out the phone and put it near the buds its fine. Ive also noticed that in the house its absolutley fine. its very frustrating. Ive reset the buds and reinstalled spotify but it did it again and it doesn't do it all the time. Samsung just say take them to a centre but i don't live anywhere near one. Help please.

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I typically have occasional bluetooth dropouts with my Bose Bluetooth Cans which is typically due to somewhere I'm passing with lots of bluetooth interference. 


The range of your Samsung Galaxy Buds are pretty good so having the phone in your shorts shouldn't affect connection.


Are you able to pair the Galaxy Buds upto another phone to test them ?


And perhaps pair up another set of Bluetooth headphones to your phone to test the phone @taffw 


If it turns out the Galaxy Buds are defective then you would need to return them to the source that supplied them or if through Samsung direct you should be able to arrange collection of them.


That's what I did with my Black pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds in the UK.


Check the Terms and Conditions of the sale.

I assume they were supplied as part of the Samsung Galaxy s10 phone promotion. 



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Thanks for advice, I will try out your suggestions. It's very odd. I had them on all day today at my desk and not a problem, been out on a dog walk and when I have the phone in my hand again no problems, the minute I lower my hand or slip the phone into my pocket, interference straight away, not all the time but almost in every song I listen to. 


Hi , im experiencing the same issue , fine at the desk , fin if the phone is on the side, but as soon as you put the phone in your pocket the Buds Cut out , and its so flustraiting.  

exactly the same as @taffw . ok if you carry the phone in your hand but jeans pocket or coat pocket they cut out


my Phillips overear bluetooth headphones dont seem to have a problem


again is there anything that can be done 



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it weird isn't it. do you live anywhere near a support centre. I don't but Samsung have said I should visit one as they could be faulty



Hi have you sorted the problem out?

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