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Samsung Does not listen to people's problems!!

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Samsung, when people are asking for a change in a phone and do not like certain features, make that change!!!! If persons were complaining the S9 camera being too zoomed in then why the hell would you make the S10 AND S20 front facing cameras SO Zoomed in still esp on Apps like SC, IG and Whatsapp??? Yall do not give a shxt about what people are asking for and their dislikes!!

Hi @Rai5. The camera issues on apps such as Snapchat, Instagram and WhatsApp is not due to your phone's Camera, but actually because of Android, which is why iPhones take better photos on these apps. The app developers of these apps cant optimise the app for Android smartphones as well as iPhones, because there are far more android models to optimise than iPhones. Therefore, the camera isn't the problem, the lack of app optimisation is. Hope that helps!

Such issues if we want to call it are not duebto samsung but due to the app developer using the generic api for every device instead of setting it up for every single model

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