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Samsung Device care app & secure folder


So iv set up a secure folder added a few apps to the folder, then uninstall them on the main phone, so it looks like there not there at all, till your in the folder it's self.


But if i got to Setting - device care - battery. They still show up with the battery usage of the app.

With the app icon with little folder icon in the corner indicating there in the secure folder.


But if i go to Setting - digital welbeing any of apps used in the secure folder are shown as "other" which is great.


So for me having the app show up in device care pretty much defeats the point of the secure folder.


Is there anyway of stopping them showing up in the device care app?


Not a breach as such, but its meant to be a place for you to able to put things to keep them hidden away, which it's not doing fully. 


Like I said before in Device Welbeing they are well and truly hidden. And only shown as (Other). With no hint as to what they might be.


Its just a shame this didn't get carried over to Device Care to. 

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Why is eveevery having trouble understanding the OP.  I Googled this exact issue and it brought me here. The reason for the secure folder is not to see anything in it. Before the oreo update on my GS8 you could hide the items in the self care battery. So this IS AN ISSUE. 


Im still trying to find away around this.

Iv even tried clearing all the device care app data, yet battery usage does not get cleared or reset.


Nor are you able to disable or uninstall device care.


I don't want to uninstall / reinstall apps that I keep in my secure folder each time I use them. It would make the folder obsolete anyway.


I don't want to have to jailbreak my phone either.


Still hoping this will be patched


@colin19 The approach in your statements to this individual's question lacks common courtesy and intellect. You come across as very vain, naive and unprofessional. Anyone reading this thread could identify the problem being mentioned.  Everyone except someone not willing to provide the answer or someone who can't provide a solution and therefore engages in a hostile manner to coverup his lack of knowing. 

Nobody wants his wife to see that he has Tinder installed. Ok wise guy? Is this enough?
Xiaomi second space forbids this behavior

Ok, let's say a closeted g*y man installs Grindr and doesn't want anyone to see that he has the app installed because that would reveal his sexual orientation. What you have is a security breach. 


Agree. This concept is really simple. A secure folder is a container that nothing should be visible from the outside. It should have its own device care if needed. I see this “access” right from outside apps a risk of leaking info from the inside, too. 


Yawn. What an obtuse reply. Maybe you need to take a break from moderating. There's a million reasons a secure folder application displaying it exists to the outside world could be a security breach, and even the secure folder displaying it exists is a breach, as then someone knows you have it installed anyway. If you can't wrap your head around such a complex area as security maybe you need to not moderate for it. Incidentally avast used to (maybe still does) have a hidden locker where to access it you typed in a specific phone number which also would not appear in the phone history. So yes, secure folder is what it is, not as secure as it could be, and definitely worth fixing. 

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