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Samsung Buds Louder Volume tip




Received my buds today in UK. They all should be white for the pre order phones.

Anyways the buds wasn't loud enough at all so couldn't feel the base as I love my old school hip hop/rap music. 

Found a way to do it. 

So I take no responsibility if they too loud or any other damaging things like to the buds or to the ears. 

Enable developer options and disable absolute volume. Right away the volume was louder and can feel the thump of the music better. 

Maybe in the future they will bring better controls like the 2 wheels that have been removed. 


Have a great weekend ya all! 


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Yes or download vlc player free and put equalizer on treble and base much loader can mess around for ur preference but much better and loader than playing on Samsung music like u said though at ur own risk but no problem so far 

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