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Samsung Android 10 problems


I've installed the android 10 update on my S10  and I'm disappointed with the update.I've noticed that the battery drains more quickly than android 9.I was expecting Samsung to fix the battery drain issue and also make the battery life better than before.Isn't Samsung aware of this issue?When will they fix this issue?Even after 7th beta, there are still issues to the stable build of android 10.

Why are these issues common with Samsung devices?People are complaining and yet Samsung hasn't solved these issue nor they are admitting these issues.Why can't Samsung have a look of these issue themselves and fix the problems we have to deal with?

These are these issue we have with Samsung devices:

1:Battery life 

2:Battery drain issue


3:Slow software updates 

4:Lack of software support

The updates are really slow when you compare it to Google or Apple.If Apple or Google releases a update,the users gets the update straight away but with Samsung it takes a week or worse case scenario you end up getting the update after 1 month!This is ridiculous even after paying so much money for these devices.Why does Samsung charge so much money if they can't even give much attention like Apple or Google? Why can't Samsung just finally end this and provide much more faster software updates than before and fix these issues we have?Alot of Samsung users are fed up with this including me and now users are losing hope in Samsung because they don't even address these issues we have and even till this day,Samsung hasn't fixed these issue even after downloading the stable version of android 10.I was expecting the battery life to be better and especially for them to fix the battery drain issue.Such a disgrace company.


Just reading online how bad the Samsung native camera app is and that people are sideloading Google's gcam just to take half decent pictures with this thing...I never had to use a third party camera app with Apple!!! If anyone is on this forum before buying a Galaxy.... DON'T BUY A GALAXY!!!! Save yourself the he** we've been through!


you are talking absolute rubbish mate ... I am a portrait / landscape photographer and I am pretty pleased with Samsung Note 10's camera


And these aren't just software issues! I've factory reset 3 times in 4 months of owning it and setup as new!!!!! This phone is the WORST!!!!


No, he is right. Camera itself as a hardware is OK though. The problem is software. Way too much HDR, colors of the scale, White Balance as well, shadows pulled out. It is a big step down from my ex S8. With my S8  I could do street photography with no worries tapping on highlighted area to set right exposure for black shadows, and they were black. Not as with this peace of s**t S10 having permanent HDR rubbish mode always on. PRO mode was at least more gentle on HDR. But surprise:  with android9 I could at least use PRO mode with quick launch, but with android10 "remember last mode" feature was ditched.

Your photography will be rubbish with this camera! Lol. Your Note may be nice but the S10 pictures are absolutely trash.

Since the Android 10 update, my otherwise good working Samsung Galaxy S9 is terrible. Performance hickups, battery drain, user interface delays and slow downs. The phone is actually slower, at regular times, that my old Galaxy S6. Last week it took me a minute to just start the camera. Today someone called but the dialer was not displayed. In this way, my phone is unusable and unreliable.


It is sad that a big company like Samsung can't get its act together. I like the brand and the stuff they make, but this is so onprofessional that I am thinking about switching to another, non-Samsung, phone.


May be I will reset my device to see if that helps.


I recently bought a Samsung S10 plus but despite setting up finger print recognition when switch it on asked for pin number took it to my local phone shop and they said I need to set up a pass word first and register it which I did and now ask for the password instead of finger print recognition whats the point if it asks for either pin number and any number will let you in.  Then when I tried again asks for password but I can even answer a call or end one as neither of these buttons work.   So they have said I can send it back which I am going to do but what alternatives are left - as I dont want to pre-order a S20 and I have been looking at a Samsung s10 note plus but not sure if this is a suitable alternative to the S10 plus and will it have the same sort of issues.   Can anyone advise me  - what the best option is?  


Just an update: I did a factory reset on my Galaxy S9, because the problems of bad performance continued, rendering the phone unusable and unreliable.


I choose to do a new install on the phone. So no restoring of backups on apps and settings from Google or Samsung Cloud. Of course I made a backup of the most important data before resetting the device. I did loose my dialing history and SMS messages, but I don't really care about those. The most work was restoring multi-factor authentication codes in both the Google and Microsoft Authenticator apps.


After the reset I also choose to not fill in my Samsung Account, and also to skip installation of any Samsung apps. I had a gut feeling that the Samsung funtions and apps were causing the troubles to begin with. Now, my phone only has a basic set of apps such as the typical set of Google and Microsoft apps.


The result is a very fast and responsive phone. It just feels 'light'. Just like it was when still running on Android 9. I will keep the amount of accounts, apps, services and so on limited for the next week, to check if the good performance continues.



It has been a few weeks now since the factory reset. The phone is still in good working order. Sometimes there is a little performance hick-up, for example when picking up the phone in the morning and unlocking the screen for the first time that day. But otherwise it is fine. Before the factory reset the phone was barely usable after the Android 10 upgrade.


I am happy with my phone now, but I feel sad that I had to go through this. OS upgrades should be thoroughly tested before release and not require an end user to reset it to restore a normal functioning device. I have an iPad Air 2 that has not been reset since its first use in December 2014 and it it still buttery smooth, and had five iOS upgrades in the last six years.



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i just finished the update and my touchscreen wont work before update was fine and screen not broken what to do


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