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Samsung Android 10 problems


I've installed the android 10 update on my S10  and I'm disappointed with the update.I've noticed that the battery drains more quickly than android 9.I was expecting Samsung to fix the battery drain issue and also make the battery life better than before.Isn't Samsung aware of this issue?When will they fix this issue?Even after 7th beta, there are still issues to the stable build of android 10.

Why are these issues common with Samsung devices?People are complaining and yet Samsung hasn't solved these issue nor they are admitting these issues.Why can't Samsung have a look of these issue themselves and fix the problems we have to deal with?

These are these issue we have with Samsung devices:

1:Battery life 

2:Battery drain issue


3:Slow software updates 

4:Lack of software support

The updates are really slow when you compare it to Google or Apple.If Apple or Google releases a update,the users gets the update straight away but with Samsung it takes a week or worse case scenario you end up getting the update after 1 month!This is ridiculous even after paying so much money for these devices.Why does Samsung charge so much money if they can't even give much attention like Apple or Google? Why can't Samsung just finally end this and provide much more faster software updates than before and fix these issues we have?Alot of Samsung users are fed up with this including me and now users are losing hope in Samsung because they don't even address these issues we have and even till this day,Samsung hasn't fixed these issue even after downloading the stable version of android 10.I was expecting the battery life to be better and especially for them to fix the battery drain issue.Such a disgrace company.


Battery drain introduced with Android 10, on Android 9 my Note 10+ 5G was working very well. Since then the battery is being drained fast. I tried wipe cache, factory reset, didn't make any change. Then over the weekend I rolled back to Android 9 and got my phone back. I don't think I will be brave anough to try Android 10 again anytime soon. I do think Samsung made a mistake with this version and made a fantastic phone much much worse.


I've been forced by Samsung the last two updates to download them. They removed this option from both settings and the developer options 


Now my battery drains much much more quickly.

Previously the phone battery would last about 8 hours. Now it's lucky to last two hours 

And it no longer fast charges.

***** I hate Samsung. Won't be buying any Samsung appliance again as a result of this S10 and the company 


3 months ish with android 10 and still no fix for Gmail app. It still doesn't push notifications. I have to open the app to receive an email manually. This is the stone age. Now I call my S10 "the Flintstones phone"!


Yes and also when you hit send on your email, every. Single. Time. The app crashes then you have to reopen it 


Samsung have lost my votez just spent an hour with their tech support who said that with new One UI they are going to be forcing people on new system updates whenever they want -they have removed the schedule feature so you could at least schedule it at a time of your choosing. They said they did this to enhance the customer experience!

They also said in response to me saying I would be returning the phone, that if a new system update is rolled out on  a consumera phone part of the term and conditions is consumers accept that new version since it's now installed .. wtf! I didn't get an option to stop the system update from downloading. I had no control when that update was put onto my phone. But somehow I've accepted this new piece of software by default? *****. Samsung. 


l o


Yeah. It seems Samsung should have just stuck to the appliances. They can't handle the pressure of maintaining a reliable phone ecosystem like Apple can. I'm switching back. 10 years with Apple and they at least would maintain their products and help their customers. This Galaxy was a mistake, I should have stayed with Apple instead of going for something different.


Yeah, Samsung really can't handle the phone game. Apple is much more reliable and I never had these problems with their products - AND THEY PROUDLY STOOD BEHIND THEM. Apple customers would never have to go months without their email working. Apple labels that "business critical" and will assign people to fix the issue for you instead of ignoring mobs of angry customers hoping that they just give up and go away.


I was coaxed by my family who all have Samsung to try it out. I would be lying if I said that the price difference wasn't a major factor. iPhone XR costs 30% more than S10e in my country. And in 2020 (2019 I guess) still rocks the bezels and non HD screen.

Apple has excellent grip on their software. But their pricing strategy is horrible and what they give you for it.
Also If you ever went to apple forums or store. They are just as useless as any other brand support. Its that their products rarely malfunction.

I just want a phone that works. Scre w bezels and flashy screens at this point. You're paying so much for a product that works with apple. I paid over $1000 for a paperweight with this Galaxy.

ALSO: The camera is ***** on this thing. My IPHONE 8 - AN OLD IPHONE8! TAKES BETTER PICTURES THAN THIS S10!  I travel around the world with my husband and the camera quality is the most important thing on a phone for us a because we share travel photos and I was told this is the best. It is the worst!  My 8 takes MUCH clearer, more color accurate pictures than this thing. The pictures are too saturated and GREEN on this piece of c r @ p!  I take pictures side by side and the crappy old iPhone, many years old, wins every time! I've played with all the settings but they're also blurrier too and in critical landscapes, the Samsung camera just grains out large similar colored areas like it doesn't know what to do with them. The pictures on this thing are absolutely terrible and I've just had to go back to using my iPhone 8 because that is a much better phone than this sloppy, poorly designed THOUSAND DOLLAR "FLAGSHIP" PHONE. Also I can't even put my cursor back and edit this comment without the Galaxy freaking out and deleting random chunks of text after the cursor. It will delete half a word here. Half a word there just like this. Like this  won'here Ot correct thiss. This phone is an absolute nightmare? THIS IS NOT SPAM SAMSUNG - TRYING TO SILENCE YOUR UNHAPPY CUSTOMERS AGAIN, I'LL JUST REPOST THIS ON ALL THE TECH SITES AGAIN SINCE YOU REMOVE THIS HERE! LOL!!! 

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