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S10E Samsung Browser - Full screen


Hi there,

Is there a way to use Samsung internet Browser in full screen mode? On galaxy s8 there was an option to hide status bar but this is not possible on s10e. Setting this app to full screen in options/display/full screen apps makes no difference at all.

I know there is a camera at the top but I don't agree with this being the reason why we shoudn't be able to hide status bar. In fact by having status bar visible all the time we are loosing a lot of screen space which could be utilised in a more useful way. 

Any ideas, suggestions?

Thank you


Hi @Mrclius. If you place your phone in Landscape mode and begin to scroll down, the address bar and notifications bar disappear. Hope this is of some use. 

Yes, I am aware of this but I'd like to be able to hide status bar in vertical position just like I could on my S8.

I agree this could be a good improvement @Mrclius 


I would suggest to send this valued feedback via the Samsung Members App  / Samsung + so this gets to the relevant Samsung Department.



My advice comes from being a UK Samsung Phone Owner.
I have no affiliation with Samsung.

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Done, sent a feedback via Samsung Members App and got a response that this will be passed onto developers. So fingers crossed!

Yes dont know why it was removed I could do it on the note 9 hide status bar full screen browsing it's not an option now it's one thing that bugs me especially when I could do it on the s8 and s9 etc.

Not sure why it was removed unless it was because if the front camera.


For some reason, the status bar on my s10e does not go away when I scrolled down when browsing with the default browser. I bought the phone yesterday and it's a shame because one of the reason I bought was for the fullscreen experience. It will be really great if they brought back the option to hide the status bar. I spent many hours trying to figure it out and couldn't.


well i cannot even test anything now i bought myself an S10 to replace the Plus cermaic i had i was using for beta testing and now i cant even download the beta to my new device its annoying because i never withdrew from the Beta but it must sense its a new or another device and wont let me download it i called samsung and they were no help.unless anyone knows how i can redownload it to my new device?

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