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S10e flashing and warranty question.


Hi there,
I've recently switched from a BTU version of Galaxy S8 to a new Galaxy S10e that came factory unlocked from Three network in UK.
Phones from Three come with their branded android H3G, which means that you get firmware updates via three network and not directly from samsung. Unfortunately Three is always 2-3 months behind with updates and security patches. 

So as with every single Samsung I've owned before I decided to debrand it. I downloaded the XEU (Actually multi csc version OXM) version of android and flashed my phone using latest Odin. Everything went well. 

With all my other phones if I flashed BTU firmware the bottom line of service provider would change from H3G,H3G,H3G to BTU,BTU,BTU.
On S10e it changed to DBT,DBT,DBT/H3G.
Once I put the sim card in and set the phone up it automatically changed to XEU,XEU,XEU/H3G.

I guess that the last value is basically phone's origin and can't be changed or rid of?

Also does this void my warranty? Obviously since I used Sammys official firmware and tools the knox stayed at 0

I'll be very grateful for your help.

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Hi Mrclius, unfortunately this does indeed void the warranty as it is deemed an unauthorised modification of the Software. It's not something that we would be able to help you with, I'm afraid.

So you're saying that by using Samsung's official firmware and tool I voided my warranty? Even tho I never rooted my phone or modified it in any way. I've mot installed any custom roms or anything? Just official stuff. And my warranty void counter on the phone remains at 0. Even tho this still voids my warranty?
Can you try this @Mrclius:

1. When turning on the device press and hold the Power, Volume down and Bixby buttons.
2. When the Warning screen appears, press the power Button once.
3. The top left hand corner of the device will show information about the device.

Can you send us a screenshot/picture of this?


Hi, yes absolutely.

Here's the one you asked for and one from Software information to show you how my service provider section changed from H3G,H3G,H3G to XEU,XEU,XEU/H3G


When I got my phone, Three was 2 months behind with security patch. So basically what I did I updated my phone with the latest official XEU firmware and therefore debranded it which means that I'll now get more frequent updates and won't have to wait for them for months. 





Thanks for this, this looks to be all in order. Just to clarify, did you simply remove the Network lock from the phone? If so, apologies for the mix up, as it sounded like you had done an unauthorised modification of the software itself.

No, the phone was never locked and it could take any sim card from any network. Phone came from Three network in UK, therefore it had Three branded Android and some three's bloatware. Also the security patch was 2 months behind as Three is quite slow with updates. So I downloaded and installed an official samsung's XEU version of android (the one that is normally installed on the phones that come directly from samsung and not via network like Three or O2 etc etc).
This way I got rid of Three branding and bloatware, updated my security patch and now my updates will be coming directly from Samsung and not from three, which was exactly what I tried to achieve.
I just wanted to make sure that my warranty is still valid.
Thanks for the clarification, we can't confirm 100% that the warranty would still be valid, without fully inspecting the phone. For confirmation, please get the phone inspected by an authorised Samsung engineer. You can locate your nearest service location here:

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