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S10e display shoddy quality or design fault?

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Hi all


I am really having some trouble loving my S10e. The phone would be great - if it wasn't for the screen. The glass is simply glued on the front and thus sticks out by 0.75mm. The corners are not rounded but quite sharp. When I put the phone to my ear, the sharp end scratches my ear and it feels uncomfortable. On top of that, with the glass being exposed like that, it obviously lead to it cracking within the first 3 weeks (see - all that with it never having dropped, being wrapped in Samsung original cover with a 20+ USD Panzerglass protection foil.


I got in touch with Samsung regarding this issue but they haven't been much help. They asked me to sent in my phone, while at the same time advising me that I would incur costs if they deem the screen cracking to be my fault. Honestly, if the screen is glued on like that for all S10e, I am certainly not going to waste over 100 USD for replacing a screen that is scratching my ears and will crack again within weeks.


This leads me to wonder - am I the only one with this problem or is the glass sticking out like that for all S10e? I have searched the Internet for any reviews or complaints mentioning this issue, to no avail. From close-up photos it seems that other phones may not have this problem. I simply can't believe that this is normal. I have never seen any smartphone with the glass glued on like that.


For me this is either shoddy quality or a serious design fault. Anyone with the same issues?




the glass should be gently come into contact with the frame making a perfect continuus between the two with no parts being offset at all.

If you said that from one side it is sticking out by 1 mm it is clearly a manufacturing problem and you should have got it changed in the first place.

From my point of wiew if it got cracked it is because it sticked out of the frame even if the crack is your fault that is primarly due to a manufacturing problem and therefore you should get a warranty replacement and you should have got one in the first place when you bought it.


However i see it difficult for you to get it replaced in warranty because they will say that even if it sticks out of the frame and that is a manufacturing fault the fact that is cracked is your fault and i think that every center of every manufacturer will want you to pay for that....


Wait for a moderator to reply, maybe if the fact that it sticks out is verified he can help you to get a warranty replacement...


Hey, thanks a lot for the quick reply!


Definitely a manufacturing problem then. I am surprised that the Samsung Service here in Switzerland was never really interested in following this up with me. After all they should know that the display should normally be flush with the housing...


I see the crack as a direct consequence of the display sticking out by almost 1 mm. The phone was never dropped (in fact I didn't even keep it in my pants' pockets due to the other thread here on scratched displays). And after all, a phone is supposed to be used. It should not fall apart with normal use.


The funny thing is that - I am actually not so bothered by the crack in the screen - I put some glue on it after Samsung Support wasn't much help and it hasn't further disintegrated as of yet. What I find much more annoying is that the glass cuts my ear. It is basically impossible to receive calls without discomfort*. And as you confirmed this is definitely a manufacturing problem.


* been using the Galaxy Buds instead


if it sticked out in the first place from my pov the fact that you dropped it or not is irrelevant. Accidental damage favoured by a manufacturing problem in the first place, a warranty replacement should be what they should do


Thanks Archer! It helps me a lot to hear that this is a manufacturing problem and there might be some hope here. The treatment by Samsung Support Switzerland so far has left me a bit speechless.


I have uploaded another picture for the moderators - One should clearly see how the display sticks out from the phone. In fact I replaced the original Samsung case with this foldable leather one since the glass sticks out well beyond that case (otherwise the screen wouldn't have cracked in the first place). With this case the phone is at least protected from further cracks.

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