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S105g battery drain


Has anyone else had massive battery drain when 5g is switched on. In London, it has killed my phone in a few hours, in lowest battery mode as well. Had to turn it off, back to 4g.

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When you switch back to 4G is the battery usage then as it should be @Dan7979 


5G is still very much in its infancy and from what I've read quite a few things can deteriorate a 5G signal soothe phone would have to work harder to maintain connection.



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When initially connecting to 5G networks you may experience higher power consumption as the phone processes between LTE and 5G to get the best network performance.

As 5G networks continue to evolve, we're sure this will get better and better. But as @BandOfBrothers stated, 5G is still in its infancy.

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I'm having the same problem. Once I rwach the city and connect to 5G my phone becomes hot and loses between 10-15% within an hour, and that's with all apps closed and phone in my pocket. Samsung tested my phone and said my battery passed the test, but they can see my phone does get warm when I'm at work, and they don't know what the problem is. It's only after reading your post I've realised that it only happens whilst at work which is a 5G area. I will switch off my data and just stay connected to 02 wifi to see if that actually is the cause.


This is the second phone I have now. Did the same thing. 


I screen shotted the 12% battery drain in about 45 mins.


Rung EE and explained it and told them where I was. In the Strand there is only 1 bar of 5g at one end and 2 at the other.


So basically the phone is constantly trying to find 5g and draining the battery.




I got 25% off my bill until 5g is in full swing and I've I've turnt 5g off on my phone.



Switch to 4g in mobile data, it behaves normally.

I have a massive issue with my S10 5g battery.

Once it gets to approx 15 percent something is happening to it causing the last 15 percent to drop in approx 15 minutes.

As I write this I just experienced it.

It was 7 percent, I thought better out that on charge. Turned over in bed, drops to 5 percent, get the warning it's at 5.

I reach down to get the charger, 4, plug the charger in, 3, ten seconds later 2 percent ( it kept dropping even as it was on charge!. Wtf.

Got to 0 percent, thought it was going to switch off, then coming back up


Something is seriously wrong with the battery on my Samsung 5g.

I've reported it.

Telstra are taking the phone back under warranty

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