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S10 Wifi calling in 1 bar area

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Hi everyone,


I have very poor reception downstairs in my house, the phone shows it as 1 bar but I cannot make/receive calls or use data. I have Wifi calling switched on but it doesn't seem to detect that the 1 bar is not good enough and therefore does not switch itself on.


Wifi calling does work when I put my phone on flight mode and turn on wifi

Wifi calling also works for a short while just after restarting my phone then it switches itself off


Leaving aeroplane mode on is not ideal as I will forget it on when I leave the house and not have wifi


Is there a solution? 

My phone is a Galaxy S10 updated to the latest firmware (the July patch)


Thank you

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Superuser I

Calling Over Wifi would only kick in if the phone couldn't make a call using network signal @battat 


The ways I'm aware of to override this is what your currently doing.



My advice comes from being a UK Samsung Phone User.

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yeah exactly, the issue is that the phone is not detecting that it can't make a call using the network signal because its so low. When I try to make a call, nothing happens it just tries to connect for 30seconds then stops.


I guess there arn't any solutions currently. Thanks for the response.


In your settings in the dialer make sure that WiFi Preferred is selected. If it is not, even at 1 bar WiFi Calling may not kick in as you're telling the device to stay on mobile.



I can't find that option. Is this what you're referring to? If so, it's already enabled. If not, can you direct me to where I can find it please. Thank you


Your settings look a bit different then mine, maybe because I'm using 2 sims in mine. Mine says Wifi preferred.

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I had the same problem so turned my mobile data off when in my house and wifi calling works all the time now.

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