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S10 ultrasonic fingerprint scanner visible in sunlight.




Has anyone else noticed that the fingerprint scanner is clearly visibile when outside in sunlight. I mean at first I just glimpsed it with a blue background but if you go onto white ( what I'm typing on now) there's just a rectangle in the lower third of the screen. Check it out and see if it's on other models too. Hoping it's just a one off case and replacement won't be like this .


Model is prism green S10 128GB


Peace out.


Yes, everyone's scanner is visible. Even mine


I have the same issue on my galaxy note 10 plus 5g  I don't know if its a fault or its just normal  

I have this same problem with the Samsung galaxy note 10 plus 5g which is newer than the s10 so they haven't solved the problem  I've paid over £1000 for this phone .not happy one bit  

fingerprint looks under the sun at a50

Wrong thread.

Bte where you met sun? In Czech Republic it is cloudy... 😞

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wow! I just noticed this when on Amazon chime white screen sitting in my car. I was like what the heck, then Google it.. 

I'm glad I'm not the only one. So I don't think my phone is about to cop out on me bc of this. 

Its strange.. never thought it could be seen, but o well nothing I can do about it. I see a lot of people have already reached out to samsung about this. 


Has anyone found a case that covers entire phone including the screen or a screen protector that works on the phone and still allows the fingerprint scanner to work? I tried one over the weekend and it wouldn't work AT ALL! No can do!

what a weird trade to start with did you just want a numerical increase lol I would take note 9 over s10 any day 

I agree with you 100 you can only see it if you look for it i have note 10 plus just looking for something to complain about 

It's not just stuck to the screen there's a layer in the screen that is cut out for it

Yeah, last Samsung phone I bought. Swapped to Google although I like the Samsung devices their lack of compassion and attention to detail have steered me clear. So one day, if they choose to actually help the people they sell there 1000+ dollar phones to, I will buy one again. Until then. ***** that.

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