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S10/S10+ USB connection to car

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On the iPhone, I am able to connect the phone to the car via usb and play music, skip tracks, see track info and album art, etc. Can anyone with an S10 confirm if this is possible via USB on the new galaxy, and if so, which car you are using it in.


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Hi. I got a Samsung S10 on Monday only to find it can't connect to my car by bluetooth or Mirror Link so I cant make handsfree calls or connect to Spotify. I'm shocked especially as I have learned this problem has been known of for months. What are Samsung doing about this?

Same here. I have a Ford Ka 2013 model, but with only a usb inlet (no AUX) and my s10 wont play music (spotify) through USB or through bluetooth. However, my sisters iphone10 will easily connect and play spotify through the USB connection. Really annoying and disappointing. 

Same here. Tried every solution out there how to fix it. Nothing works. My work phone Samsung s9 and my wife's phone Samsung s8 work perfect with our new peugeot 5008 II ... 

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I've been dealing with this as well.  Samsung 10e on Verizon with 3 cars.

I actually contacted Samsung Support about it yesterday. 


First off they told me I needed to update my cars stereo Firmware, which I verified on 2 of my 3 cars was the latest firmware (called the dealer to verify and they walked me through how to check).  Then, the tech said it was a licensing issue with the apps I was trying to use.   (Spotify, Google Play Music and Reverbnation).  When I asked why those same apps worked on iPhone via USB, which rules out licensing issues, then they had me change my USB to always be in File Transfer mode, which did not work either.

After that, they basically said, my only option was to use Android Auto, or the 3.5mm Aux port.   Which I would love to do, exept 2 of my 3 cars don't support android auto, and my 2012 Infinity G37x doesn't have a 3.5mm Aux Port, only USB.  I explained to them that I need USB so I can change songs, ect which I can't do via Aux, and that I had no problems using my iPhone in any of the 3 cars.  They appologized, then asked if there was anything else I needed help with.  

Basically, seems to me that they know about it, but don't really care.   Good things I bought the cheaper 10e so I can sell it and go back to an iPhone.  😞


I'm sorry if I over looked it. But I didn't see anywhere so far that the issue was fixed, or explained how to accomplish connecting. Because I have a pioneer touch screen. Not sure the exact model. I can't recall. I know it has the reverse camera on it (on the tag frame). You view it on the radio screen(monitor). Anyways, I've got the new Samsung note 10plus. I can't get it to link up via Bluetooth. (I read somewhere to try with the emergency brake ingauged. Not sure why that would matter. But can't do it via USB because of it being a completely different type.(I think it's "C").

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I have a 2019 Mercedes A class. USB connection gives me full control of music. It treats the S10 as a usb stick. If I use the dedicated android auto / apple car play port then android auto comes up on the car screen although none of the steering wheel controls work with it ( android issue ).

When i connect with bluetooth everything plays through the car. Samsung music, Pi music player, Power amp, Tidal, DS Audio, Google Play Music. But only Samsung music brings up album artwork, playlists, album list, track lists.

Apple of course works seamless through all 3 connection methods.


I just got a new after-market Kenwood stereo (DDX8906S) installed in my 2008 RAV4 plus a USB port (wasn't there before).  Stereo now offers Mirror Link but I have yet to make it work with my Galaxy S10 phone (or my wife's who has the same phone).   As the new radio supports wireless features, I'm able to do alot w/o the USB (android auto, music, etc), but it also charges and works with the USB plugged in as well.  Haven't had an issue with USB so far, just can't make Mirror Link work and haven't found a solution yet.    

How do I connect my Samsung S10e phone to my Mercedes GLE?

You're riding in style Katie...connecting with bluetooth should work perfectly. Enjoy your music in your stylish ride


Same problem with my S20 (with Note 9 earlier). I have a sony player in my 2005 model car, only USB and Aux are my options.

My wife's iphone XR just works fine.

I had a Bluetooth to Aux converter from for $1 and it worked well until it was broken. Probably that's the only option for me (about $7 in local retailers). Or to use the type c to 3.5mm converter.


When I allow USB read on my phone it takes few mins and plays some random audio. Later I figured out it was playing audio files from the whatsapp audio folder. It plays these files irrespective of what is playing on my mobile, very weird.

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