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S10+ Rsap (Remote Sim Access Profile)??


I've got the UK version of this phone, which is a Hybrid Sim, but it doesn't connect to my Audi MMI like my S9+ does (single sim version) . I need to share sim with the car via Bluetooth rsap to share 4G but nothing I try works. 

Does anyone know the reason for this? Is it the fact that the s10+ is a hybrid sim? If so I will be very annoyed and will be returning the phone. 


Thanks for the update John. Good work finding the issue with BT 5. Last year I bought Dual Sim version of the S9 plus first before returning for a single sim. Pretty sure the s9 plus duo wasn't BT 5....Anyway it seems that there are now 2 things to watch out for if you want to connect via RSAP. Sigh. 

Nope, that can't be right.

Bluetooth 5.0  was also on S9 single sim, and those work without problems as premium phone on Volkswagen/audi/skoda cars

Something must be wrong with your S10, are you sure you got a single sim version?


RSAP is the most cool technology for cars. the car has internet for trafficinfo and other stuff, the phone has much better signal,the phone navigation app is not disturbed during incomming calls and your 4G is shared with everybody in the car

That was direct from head Samsung U.K Tech....
Single sim phone, bluetooth 5.0 apparently does not have certification for RASP

Its part of the bluetooth specification. 


Maybe samsung didn't pay licenses to use it on s9 and s10 devices... 


Samsung have said that Apparently it's an issue between the bluetooth 5.0 developers & Android 9.0 OS....
at the moment there is no fix to allow RASP, which is what my Porsche pcm 3.0 needs

The firmware from May contains bluetooth fixes, maybe it is fixed?

my phone is updated......same issue persists....still needs R.a.s.p to connect.
Having the same issue here just wish i knew before i got the phone they wont have it back either.
So looks like im looking to sell the S10+ and get an s8+ back !
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I am a broken mmi 3G system offline, on my s10 + rsap does not work too ... (today I had an update of the android system which has not changed anything)



I´m in Brazil. Since S8, we only got dual sim versions.

That´s why I bought a single sim S9+ version while I was in Germany. r-SAP worked like a charm in my Audi.

And that´s why now I´ve got an American single sim S10+ (SM-G975U). And I can assure, considering the phone bluetooth data I´m seeing right now in the macbook I´m writing these lines (apple computers show all bluetooth data of the gadget connected to it) that NO, S10 SINGLE SIM DOESN´T HAVE SIM ACCESS PROFILE... AND I FEEL CHEATED TOO
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