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S10 plus getting hot



My s10 plus is getting very hot when using it and charging it , 

Is anyone else having this issue? 

I'm sure the metal sides are not helping either conducting heat 


This happen same thing on my S10e. Fast heat and very wasteful batteries. finally I took it to the service center and replaced the new unit. is this a minor or major issue? 

Yes, it is getting hot off the charger. Seems like heavy usage causes it to heat up. I use mine constantly. I need it for work which are delivery services , so it stays active fairly often. Power mode is set Optimized. Other than that, phone is gorgeous, performs well, switching through apps is never a problem. So far I haven't seen any lagging. This is my personal favorite in the Galaxy series, I've been a loyal customer since the Galaxy S2. 

They switched mine out and the new one works fine no heating issues at all

Still no word how they are going to deal with the fact that it got so hot it gave me a blister

hey bro mines the same but with snapchat calling it basicly feels like my hand is burning hard to hold when like this 

Make them exchange it. I did and the new one doesn't even get warm.

Hello All,


I thought I would give the thread an update.


Ever since my swapout I have had no issues, No over heating, slugishness or any other kind of glitch. It is in my opinion the best smartphone I hav  ever owned.


Interesting point, my wife has the same phone S10+ bought at the same time. and has had no issues at all. She is a heavy Social media user.


I want to take this opertunity to thank Samsung Customer care. They have been incredibly helpful and supportive in all my issues, and ar an example of how all company's should treat thier customers. SO thank you.

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I am getting the same heating issue. Phone heats up like crazy sometimes. This is when I am just using the phone for basic functions such as listening to songs and not while charging. It sometimes becomes difficult to even touch the phone and the only option is switching off the phone and waiting for it to cool down. Samsung please fix...

i'll have bacon sandwich please

Mine is hot and its turned its self off 10 times today 😞
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