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S10 plus getting hot



My s10 plus is getting very hot when using it and charging it , 

Is anyone else having this issue? 

I'm sure the metal sides are not helping either conducting heat 


I have been playing games and stuff on mines and it only ever gets a tiny bit warm. Only ever seen it reach about 35 degrees.




i have had my device swapped out by product liason team 

This one doesnt seem to be getting anywhere near as hot as the first device.


The new device still gets very warm during normal usage but not to the levels of the first one 



Same here my friend, mine only arrived yesterday, its happend three times so far, its almost like it gets stuck thinking about somthing. Do the old on and off reset, all back to ok. Like you have had all version except the S9.

Had this occur today. Wasn't on charger, sitting on the couch next to me. Was so hot to touch. Screen was unresponsive, had to force restart, then temp said it was 46°

I abuse mine a lot and it never gets hot off the charger.  Only a bit when using smart view. It does get very worrysome when using it while charging. Like, for real  very very worrysome. 

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Using S10+ for last 2 days and obsereved that the device is getting very hot with normal use.

I was just browsing facebook and instagram for a min or 2 and phone got super hot.

Whenever I unlock my phone and do any stuffe for a min or two, it gets super hot.

I am very much conserned about my device.

Any way I can replace the device?

Might be.something running in back ground. Do a factory reset and see if it is okay. Mine is okay. Cold touch unless gaming.

Iphone doesnt get hot when being used ehile charging! U can use it for hours ans charge a at the se time, the phone stays calm and cool!

I bought my sons each one. They are insanely hot with normal use.  I called and they offered a return but not exchange.   Are the metal different from the ceramic ? They updated, rebooted, and with use- 1-2 hours of video and or Fortnite they get too hot to handle. Is this the note 7 all over again?

Hello All, I  went back to customer services and explained the issues, they sent me a replacement phone. As this only arrived today, i shall let you all know what the results in a couple of days.  Many thanks Tony.

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