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S10 plus getting hot



My s10 plus is getting very hot when using it and charging it , 

Is anyone else having this issue? 

I'm sure the metal sides are not helping either conducting heat 


@MrsBrown wrote:

I am having this issue.    The phone has been having internet connectivity issues.  Goes on roaming every so often and says I have no service.    Only really works if I'm on wifi.  I have to literally put the phone up to my ac vent in the car to get it to cool down.  I chatted with Sprint agent and they had me change some settings on my device but it started doing all of the listed  above

I am having the same exact problem!!! I preordered my S10+ from Sprint. Had it 2 or 3 weeks and it ran perfectly. Then, all of a sudden, one night at work (I work night shift), i completely lost service. I restarted it thinking "well that was weird" and then it changed to roaming. I forgot about it and just put it in my pocket. After awhile it started getting abnormally warm. Hot enough my leg started to sweat where my phone was. I did a little research and it appears Sprint is having problems with the S10+ service and they are releasing an update on Tuesday (4/16/2019) to fix the service issue. I have gotten my service back by some tips I found but my connection speeds are slow (they're slow anyway when your with Sprint 😉). But as far as the overheating I have no clue. Not even with heavy use, I checked the temperature thru an app and it said that it was at 110°F!!! My hands are sweating right now because of how hot this thing is. I would like to exchange it, but I have a feeling sprint will try to charge me for a replacement when it's not even my fault!


Im having the same issue 

 .... it's being sent in tonight , replacement is on its way.  I'll keep sending them back until they fix this issue.  That and the battery life


No this isn't normal! I have had every Samsung s...

 Since they have come out! Not one had gotten this hot during use.  Add this to the poor connectivity , battery life,  and all programs glitching out! Samsung ***** The pooch on this one

***** apple!

bomb has been planted ! :face-with-stuck-out-tongue-and-winking-eye: 


Same exact problem. Started out of no where. I checked today and my phone got to 72 Celsius. I literally couldn't hold my from the side. I've noticed that it only gets hot when not on wifi, very weird. Also terrible connection. Most of the times I have full LTE bars but can't even load a page or song on spotify. 

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I got to bring mine back to att cause when am using it especially on a vidoe call this thing would get hot as hell I even have to put it down cause sometimes it get to hot to handle


Has anyone that uses Sprint tried to replace theirs?? I'm wondering because I dont want to have to pay $200 to get a replacement

Go straight to Samsung. They replaced mine for free

@kertoip70 wrote:

ok, guys but please tell me what was the temperatures  ? mine s10 while charging is 39 and while using facebook off the charge is like 33 - for me its too hot the s9 plus was 26 ,27 . Maybe could it be caused by phone learning of me ? 

Yes, the s10 definitely runs warmer, I had a note 9 before and it ran the same sort of temps as your S9. Your current temps are same as mine.

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