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S10 Notifications not waking up screen!


I converted from IOS to the Samsung Galaxy S10 recently and the one and only thing that has been troublesome is trying to figure out how to allow notifications to wake up the screen.


Sometimes I have my phone on the desk whilst working on my computer, the only way I'd notice if I've received a notification is if the screen lights up, but I can't manage to find such option in the settings.


I'm not looking for solutions that involve 3rd-party applications. I'm looking for a solution within the device itself.

Wilas provided the solution, on the 1st pg. (if only people bothered to read). I'm now getting light up notifications :-).
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I've found a really good solution.


1. turn off the edge screen notification.

2. download this app: 


much better than glimpse.


Works all the time and many options including recuring reminders.


Yup Glimpse only way i spent ages trying to figure it out , i dont use AOD , trouble is i dont get vibartion alert for all the apps i need 


All these problem could be easily solved. After setting up your edge lighting and allowing it for all apps or whichever app you choose. You have to go into settings>apps> and manually select each apps one at a time, check the notification on each app. If its says silent, change it to sound and pop up if you want it to appear on the lock screen or when your phone is locked.


For some reason, whats app, messages, calendars are the only apps that are setup for sound and pop ups notification out of the box. You have to manually set your apps notification as instructed above for it to work.


No it doesn't work for me I don't want this edge light looks naff and it's not what I'm after. 

Front camera led maybe but again it doesn't work for me and defiantly not with a pop up

For a flag ship phone this is pretty disappointing to be honest something as simple as as screen wake on notification 


no that does not work. 

let's say it only works with "some" apps.

I'll say, it doesn't even work with Samsung's own apps, like samsung e-mail.

that's really silly.


you are absolutely right. 

a phone that even can not properly notify you...

I'm using an app called Wake Up Screen by SymeonChen. you can try it. this is the best solution i've found. it just wake ups your screen for the apps you select. easy to use app.




I made the settings for notifications, downloaded Glimpse, now I got to the point where my screen lights up when I receive notifications and I have the messages on the screen. However, if I receive messages (whatsapp/facebook messanger) from multiple people, it only shows the last message from each of them.

As I recently moved from IOS to Samsung, I find this extremly non user friendly, as I constantly need to tap the screen and unlock it in order to read the messages, whereas on Iphone I just had to scroll on the lock screen to read the entire unread conversation (I had a line per each message received).

Is there any solution for this?





No there isn’t any solutions yet.


+Notifications issue all the way on galaxy devices. No response from samsung or google. Removing samsung and google health app working for few days but problem started again.

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