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S10 Notifications not waking up screen!


I converted from IOS to the Samsung Galaxy S10 recently and the one and only thing that has been troublesome is trying to figure out how to allow notifications to wake up the screen.


Sometimes I have my phone on the desk whilst working on my computer, the only way I'd notice if I've received a notification is if the screen lights up, but I can't manage to find such option in the settings.


I'm not looking for solutions that involve 3rd-party applications. I'm looking for a solution within the device itself.

There's this app on the play store that uses the ring around the front camera as the notification light

Hello everyone!!
I am quite annoyed by Samsung at this point.  I have the S10 almost 3 weeks now. And I have to say I've never had so much trouble with a device. The battery drain issue and and notifications issue. 
I'm not asking for much here. I Want my phone to wake when I recieve a notification. Is that so much to ask? 

Well as it appears we need to download a third party application for that simple thing.. and I did. The glimpse app. Ok..

Since I was really missing the LED notification  (I think we all do.. It is really bad having to wake the phone all the time to see whether we have a message or not) , I downloaded the always on edge lighting app. So I think they don't work together that good, cause after I installed it a black screen appears in order to enable the ring and it hides the pop up that used to wake my screen through glimpse.. 
Anyone else had that experience?


It's just a mess to be honest.


What if I want to keep the screen black, but keep my edge lighting? I have the opposite problem. Galaxy S10


use glimpse notifications it will wake up your screen when you get a message BUT all this is so frustrating why SAMSUNG take the basics away you prove nothing just a few people wont buy the brand phones again. The phone has been out for a month now still no update to these notification features


Whatsapp onky works to light edge screen when it is off if you have pop ups enabled, or else will not work.  I tested with SMS and works fine


Mr. Sam will wakeup soon at least if their notifications are not.


Change your device to the different brands next time. Sorry Mr. Sam will not answer any of your questions here. Best of luck with your new paperweight S10. I hope you like your new expensive paperweight as I do.

Check out here, sign and share.


Awesome tip. I set up my flash notications, I so hope that solves this conundrum. Thank you!



Thank you Wilas, I did as you suggested (really hoping, this will be the answer).

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