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S10 not charging sometimes wired/wireless and slow charging

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My s10 sometimes won't charge, either wired or wireless, my phone even gets warm when wireless is being used and I have it powered off and it still won't charge. Eventually it starts charging when I plug in the charging lead over and over. 

I bought the s10 from Samsung direct last year around the start of April. Is it still under warranty? Any ideas what's wrong with it?

Thanks in advance for any replies. 


 Hi @Philip9 ,


are you using the charger that came with the phone? If so, I would like to check the port to see if there is any dust or debris there that is the phone preventing to charge?


In relation to the wireless charger, are you able to tell me which one are you using? Is the phone presenting any damage at all? 

Hi TessM,
I'm not using the charger that came with it, I'm using a qualcomm 3.0 charger with a quick charge cable. I'm also using 3 types of wireless charger that all behave the same way, I've inspected the charging port and it looks clean and there is no damage to the phone.
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