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S10+ media volume


Hey all,


So I bought myself an s10+ and when I connect to my car via bluetooth, the media volume is always 0 and I have to sit and wait for it to connect and increase the volume from the phone. if I higher it from my car I still hear nothing. It has to be done from the media volume on the phone.


Is there any way to set a default volume when I start the car?




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I upgraded to android 10 and the media volume seems to start at full. I use a samsung s10+ 1TB model.

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Hi @Gregoris ,

Try this but I don't know what will be your principal device or if it will work...Ghost:face-with-stuck-out-tongue-and-winking-eye::face-with-tears-of-joy:


After to join devices, set volumen in both and select next option in your s10+:


Go Settings/Conections/Bluetooth/Advanced (three dots on your upper right corner) then Select Volumen Sync


Also, after join devices, thoses must to set the blueetooth volumen of your device automatily and store as default volumen, if you continue with same problems, try to delete data of Bluetooth App or Media Apps with some relacionship, after you will need to join your devices again.


Other momentaneal option could be download a 3rd Bluetooth Manager and set the volumen for your device.



Thanks for your reply and for the tip.


I will give it a try :smiling-face:


Sorry I added more information for you in my last post :face-with-rolling-eyes::smiling-face:


Thank to you my friend


I appreciate it :smiling-face:


I am gonna sit in the car and try it out. I will reply again when I test it, and mark it as a solution. I am sure it will work.


Hi, I would be interested if this works for you as I have exactly the same issue. I am using an S10+ 1TB pairing to a Toyota Rav4 2018 model.


Maybe I did something wrong but I could not get it to work


I dont know if this helps, but what I started to do is use google to turn up the volume.


If you say "Hey google, turn up the media volume to full". You dont have to mess around with the phone. Not the best solution, but at least it is a hands free solution rather than waiting for the bluetooth to connect and then turning it up via the phone itself.




Have anybody resolved this yet? I have samsung s10 and I am facing this issue too. 

My bluetooth volume works fine with other bluetooth speakers but it goes to 0 when I connect to car bluetooth system.  



Thank you.


Not as far as I know. I am hoping some one will have.


All I do is tell google to increase the volume. but doing that every time gets annoying.


My iPhone would always be what ever the volume is on my phone. so it is an Android thing forcing the media volume to always be at 0

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