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S10 loose part sound inside phone?

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Hi guys, a question for S10 owners, I have noticed that if you shake the phone back and forth gently there seems to be a noise as if there is something loose within the phone. Is this the case with your phones also therefore normal?

It's coming from the top half of the phone.

Can you let me know please as if it's just mine I'll be looking at exchanging it.

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I noticed my s9+ was making the same noise when shaking it, it was in deed comming from the camera. I opened the camera app in Pro mode I selected the manual focus mode and then I tried to shake it again but the sound  was gone.



I have t he same thing


hey i know this is super late but the sound coming from your phone when you shake it is the back camera when its not in-use try turn on your camera and shake it again and you wont hear that noise this is because it auto-stabilises itself 

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