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S10 lite green tint



Anyone else experiencing the green tint issue on the S10 lite?20200423_230632.jpg


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Yes same here!

I hope the July update has a fix for this, let's keep each other updated if this issue gets resolved this the update or no.

Hi, I'm using s10 about a year recently I'm having the same issue. yesterday it shows for sometimes but after a restart problem solved.  but from today it happening again but this time restart not working and my phone's software is up to dat.

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This happened to me on my s10+. After two days, the issue just disappeared, no updates or anything. If you're experiencing the same issue, maybe wait a couple of days before dropping off your device for repairs.

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Same here...I have the July update, as I can tell by the pictures some of you guys posted, it's not that bad in my case...but you notice it for sure in the dark. Other than that the phone is fantastic...Big flat display, great battery life, solid camera... can't complain to much. If they solve this issue with an update all good. Cheers


Waiting for August patch, still no fix for now. I think a class action lawsuit is due since Samsung is deliberately ignoring this issue.

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Hey, new S10 Lite owner reporting in, I also have the green tint issue on the upper part of the display with low brightness. Hopefully it gets fixed soon!

As I suspected, the August update didn't fix anything. If I were you, I would return this e-waste. I waited 3 months for a patch and now I'm fed up with this bs once and for all.

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I have it aswell, seems to have come alongside a virus on my phone.

And the thing is that it doesnt matter what brightness i set my phone to, its still there

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