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S10 lite green tint



Anyone else experiencing the green tint issue on the S10 lite?20200423_230632.jpg



@Alpha07 hello,

It is absolutely not true what you are saying. Firstly, the S10 lite is not a low-end model. It is still an S series. Low end devices are M series for example. Secondly, also s20 series had very simmilar, if not the same, problem, but it should be fixed by now with a sw update.

I can confirm as an owner of the device, the S20 (at least the plus model) does not have this green tinge problem. Also, my apologies for calling the S10 Lite a lower end model. Please understand I was referring to the range that was below mid-range, but still above budget models. (Considering the S10 is now mid range by price and specs, and considering the M series as lower end models) I hope you understand where I'm coming from.

Okey, but you cannot deny that some, and it was a lot, of the s20 users had the green tint problem

Of course, I do not deny that. The Exynos variants of the S20 does indeed inherit the green tint problem.

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I'm facing the same issue on my new S10 lite and it's very annoying espically at night when brightness is low.


Don't know really whether it's a hardware or software issue.

Mine is perfectly fine
I got my S10 Lite today. The green tint occurred for me if the brightness is about 5%-10% and only on grayish colors. Not on true blacks because then the pixels are turned off.
It is a hardware issue that can be 'adjusted' via software like Samsung did with the S20 Series. You will still see for a split second a green tint before the software adjusts the color space. The best thing you can do is to get your phone repaired. I just filled out my repair form (warranty covered) and will ship it tomorrow. Apparently Samsung will repair devices in about 5 days (according to their own site) so I should receive mine at the end of next week if everything goes smoothly.

This also happens on the iPhone 11 Series and OnePlus 8 Series. Both companies use mainly Samsung OLED panels for their phones which might indicate that there is something horribly wrong in Samsung's quality assurance department and production line.

I have the same issue on my S10 Plus

I just got a refurbished S10+ (snapdragon version) and I'm having the green tint issue strongly when brightness is below 40-45%


How can we escale this topic to Samsung? It really seems to be a software issue 

Morning @anibalhuneeus ,


the Snapdragon version is not available in the UK/EU, so I would suggest reaching support in the country where the phone was manufactured. You can find their contact details HERE.

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