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S10 Lite - Green tint issue - New Update?


Hey folks,

I just recently bought a S10 Lite and I have a green tint issue like other have it too.


The S20-Series already received an update that adjusts the color space if the green tint issue occurs.

So I asked the Samsung Support if there will be an update that would most likely fix this issue.

In short: Yes there will be an update and it will be released next month which means it is the next update in line but I also heard that this update should have been released back in march.


The support also recommends to do a soft-reset (phone must be on), hold volume down and power for about 10 seconds until the phone restarts and you see the Samsung logo. You will not lose any data, it only clears temporary files and reboots the phone.

This didn't fixed the issue on my device and I also hard-reset my phone via the recovery menu which also didn't fixed the issue.


So only a display replacement could eliminate the problem. On Friday I will get it repaired in a Samsung Customer Service Plaza. Will keep this thread updated as soon as I have new information.


Its not fixable, I have A71 also have exact the same problem

So many people could exchange the unit when A71 was early released but I notice that Samsung has changed its policy, they now dont even admit there is a real problem and even reject to change the display.

They count on the fact that many users don't notice the issue.

I myself when I firstly saw it guess it was like system animation to make it more beautifully looking UI.

Sorry guys but I lost hope.

No thing is gonna happen, accept it

But when they had their unit replaced was it gone on the new one?

No, and I bet that even recent batches have the same issue. They tell everyone to take it to a service center and after two weeks you get the phone back, no change at all. Who can drop off their phone for two weeks with mobile banking and two factor authentication? They are doing this to discourage people and "just live with it". I got lucky and can return it after three months of struggle.

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I have had my S10+ for over a year with no issues until today. All of sudden when I picked it up off my table this afternoon, there was suddenly a green tint. No tint earlier that day or the 5 minutes prior before putting it down. Did everything short of a factory reset (wiped cache partition, changed white balance, display resolution, safe mode, etc) with no change. This is a real bummer.


Hey, it's me.

I returned my phone since there was no fix for it.

Did a lot of research and the green tint occurs because of thermal issues. Apple fixed it with an software update that lowers the SoC power consumption. Technically it would be an easy fix but apparently Samsung doesn't care about this issue at all.


Sad to see that the support lies about "upcoming updates" and still isn't fixed.


Thanks for the update. Well if that is the situation it's back to China for me....


THe galaxy s20 fe 5g with snapdragon 865 has been presented yesterday and will be soon available to those who just bought the s10 lite and have troubles consider returnng the s10lite to swap for a s20 fe.

For the others i still cannot understand wheter it is a software or a hardware issue


Is there a free upgrade option for S10 Lite owners, or is it just a "buy the new device instead of returning" option?

Because if there isn't a free upgrade for S10 Lite owners, why should they buy a new device? Customers shouldn't need to buy a new device only because a company is unwilling to fix the issue (which can be clearly done - see other devices from different manufacturers with the similar green tint issue).


Also personally I will not buy a new Samsung phone for at least the next 5-10 years. I wanted to try one out but they still are unwilling to change their priorities. The start retail price of the S10 Lite was 649€ and they still didn't fix those issues.

I switched to an iPhone XS which is just a great device but too limited for me. So now I'm using a Realme 6 and payed 197€ for it. It gets monthly updates (yes even in europe) and will receive Android 11 (one major OS update guaranteed - Android 12 might also be possible).

As long as I get two years of support with monthly updates (one major update aka Android 11 + security updates till Android 12), I will be fine. Sure I prefer devices with 3 major OS updates but at this price point they do a very good job especially with the monthly updates which is great.


What Samsung does is just not good at all. The support says that there will be an updated and even the moderators claim to have direct contact to the technical support. All they do is to push people to wait till the return period is over so they have to buy a new one or stick with the current device.


Technically it is still an hardware issue which can be fixed via software update. Could be color calibration or reducing power consumption of used hardware. And even if those methods wouldn't work, there is still the option to get a new device (replace/upgrade to other device). But Samsung doesn't want you to be happy because they want your money. The service centers say most of the time that there isn't an issue. Even if they would repair it, the issue will not go away by simply replacing the display.


TL;DR: Make photos/videos of the issue and try to get a refund from your store or even directly from Samsung. Don't accept any repairs if the issue is still there and don't accept a new device because even those will have the same green tint issue as before.


Take a lawyer if you need to and don't accept any weird offer Samsung might give you (for example an gift for free galaxy buds).



Well said. I can only add that with Chinese phones I know I'm paying (much) less but at the same time I didn't expect even one update. Here I knew I would paying more but this is for support which apparently is not working. Why should I pay that premium then? 

Agree. So far Realme offers monthly updates not like Xiaomi. Huawei/Honor is also a very solid alternative if you accept that most phones need to side-load Google-Apps. Which does not work all the time.


The best option would be the Pixel 4a or Pixel 4a 5G (if you need it). Not the Pixel 5 because it is a mid-range phone with apparently an 699€ price tag, which is just unbelievably high. But those are rumors so time will tell. I waited for the Pixel 4a for months but they delayed it over and over and it will launch in the first week of October.


Current price for the Pixel 4a in the official Google Store is 340€ and on the 27. September there will be a discount-sale for the entire store, which hopefully means that the price get a bit lower.

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