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S10 Lite - Green tint issue - New Update?


Hey folks,

I just recently bought a S10 Lite and I have a green tint issue like other have it too.


The S20-Series already received an update that adjusts the color space if the green tint issue occurs.

So I asked the Samsung Support if there will be an update that would most likely fix this issue.

In short: Yes there will be an update and it will be released next month which means it is the next update in line but I also heard that this update should have been released back in march.


The support also recommends to do a soft-reset (phone must be on), hold volume down and power for about 10 seconds until the phone restarts and you see the Samsung logo. You will not lose any data, it only clears temporary files and reboots the phone.

This didn't fixed the issue on my device and I also hard-reset my phone via the recovery menu which also didn't fixed the issue.


So only a display replacement could eliminate the problem. On Friday I will get it repaired in a Samsung Customer Service Plaza. Will keep this thread updated as soon as I have new information.


Ok, keep us updated!

Will definitely do that.

@Varusal great news that there is going to be an update. Thanks for letting us know

Anything new guys?


I did a factory reset but it didnt help. Is it a software issue?

If not, they should have recalled the affected phones. If they don't fix it via software update, we might as well sue.


I was at a Samsung service point but the returned the phone saying there is no issue with it and it is 100% fine.

I just told them I have green tint when the brightness is very low...

I posted this issue on the German Samsung Community page and was told it would be fixed with the august patch (in Germany anyway). I wouldn't rely on this info though.


Received the August update and still the same garbage green tint. I suggest all of you to get your money back. They don't intend to fix anything.

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