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S10+ Camera, not really "professional" at all....

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Got my S10+ preordered and got it on the 8th of March. Splendid phone, display, battery life... but when testing the camera..i can say that i am disapointed beyond any form of recovery... even with the 3 cameras on the really cant match other phones...and that in a bad way... I have a Galaxy S8, which i was hoping to replace it with this S10+, but to be honest...the camera on the S8 takes better photos by far compared with the s10+...not talking about low lighting, or any fancy stuff..just talking about a standard photo of my 4 month old is definately better...but ..overall capturing "moving" subject and colour way way way way better on the S8...Even normal pictures taken with natural light are really like ISO is used way too much and even with the F1.5 at 1/500 and iso 800  (pro mode) pictures are so grainy...and really dark and that is with natural light...not studio or anything...(btw..i am also a professional photographer and i know my "sh...t")

so i am now thinking of returning back the S10+ as the main reason i got the phone was to have a great camera and photo experience....

Really Really dissapointed because of that.. and maybe you think that it is something software related with the new Samsung One OS that came out...nope..upgraded the S8 to that also...and still way way way better pictures..althought the normal OS before the Samsung one that i had on the S8 was still better when it came to taking photos videos...

Any thoughts or anyone experienced this ?

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It's  called marketing , the captor are nice but the software post processing is really  bad ! If you try the Google camera apk you see that the camera is powerful..

How do you try the Google apk?

Sorry I'm not very techie with these things!
But would love to give it a go

Mine is absolutely fantastic, had the S8, Note 8 (which had amazing cameras) and Note 9 and honestly even trying and trying to pick holes the S10+ Camera is mind blowing. 


I've got lots of various pictures from the Note 8 and S10+ on my Instagram if you want to compare in various environments: Instagram: paul_fisk_83


The front cameras are fantastic in certain light but seems to be a little off sometimes but no issues at all on the rear cameras! Maybe it is software related? Or something to do with beauty mode or scene optimization? 



I have found an issue in the gallery after you edit quite a few pictures you've taken the gallery seems to get stuck, closing the app then opening again fixes it but that needs sorting. 


One week today I've had this S10+ and really have been trying to find fault ad I have 14 piece of mind to return it but I absolutely LOVE this device! Its put Samsung in a totally different league to other smartphone competitors (my partner has the new iPhone X and she now wants the S10)



14th April 2019  


My views have REALLY changed since I posted this! I fell for the marketing hype 😞 


the camera is a big disappointment, on my phone HDR is on also when i turn it off, making all the pictures look without contrast and with a overprocessed look... selfies are a total mess, lack of sharpness in every way. My freckles disappear even with beauty mode turned off

Hi everyone,


I came here specifically to see other users opinions on the S10 camera. I'm lucky that I still have my S8 and can do a side by side comparison. I must say I am very dissatisfied with the S10 rear camera, my S8 is tack sharp in comparison.  


I'm really hoping there is a software update coming soon, otherwise I feel like I've downgraded! 


The s10 plus camera feels very over exposed and not sharp enough in certain situations. Skin tones are way off and don't look very life like. I used gcam software and it's much more color accurate whilst retaining sharpness. 

The instagram mode is useless as when I upload a picture to my daily feed it reduces the quality so what's the point of it. The best way to make pictures look clear is to snap them on the stock camera mode and upload them manually on Instagram which takes more time and effort. And the videos are appealing when uploaded to Instagram regardless of modes. 

I hope there's a future update that addresses these problems. 

I have been messing with the camera and it seems like it has very poor quality. I am coming from an s8+ to the new s10+ 1tb ceramic model and I have got to say that trying to take a video with this phone is horrrrrrrrrrrrible. I can not believe how grainy it is. I have tried to play with settings to see if it can be worked around to a usable state, but the bottom line is the quality is absolutely garbage. I am only 5 days in with this phone and think I'll keep my s8+. Seems as if Samsung went for quantity and forgot quality matters. Not impressed Samsung!

PS: I also found my way here just searching to see if others were having same issues or if I was an isolated incident (was hoping for the latter) and in all fairness I have not tried to take a video outdoors, but don't feel as though I should have to.
I'm really hoping they are working on a software update.

In the meantime I've requested my provider to access the 14day cooling off period. I can't believe how poor the camera is compared to S8, S8 is so sharp.
No improvement over S8. I have pics side by side of the same subject and the S8 trumps the S10.
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