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S10+ Camera, not really "professional" at all....

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Got my S10+ preordered and got it on the 8th of March. Splendid phone, display, battery life... but when testing the camera..i can say that i am disapointed beyond any form of recovery... even with the 3 cameras on the back....it really cant match other phones...and that in a bad way... I have a Galaxy S8, which i was hoping to replace it with this S10+, but to be honest...the camera on the S8 takes better photos by far compared with the s10+...not talking about low lighting, or any fancy stuff..just talking about a standard photo of my 4 month old child...yes...lighting is definately better...but ..overall capturing "moving" subject and colour replication...is way way way way better on the S8...Even normal pictures taken with natural light are really like grainy...like ISO is used way too much and even with the F1.5 at 1/500 and iso 800  (pro mode) pictures are so grainy...and really dark and that is with natural light...not studio or anything...(btw..i am also a professional photographer and i know my "sh...t")

so i am now thinking of returning back the S10+ as the main reason i got the phone was to have a great camera and photo experience....

Really Really dissapointed because of that.. and maybe you think that it is something software related with the new Samsung One OS that came out...nope..upgraded the S8 to that also...and still way way way better pictures..althought the normal OS before the Samsung one that i had on the S8 was still better when it came to taking photos videos...

Any thoughts or anyone experienced this ?

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Exactly that what I have been facing feeling for past 10 months


Now u understand what is issue.


The processing and the detail both suck


I had s7 edge and I never deleted any pics unless i wanted to.


Now with s10 plus i got without seeing any reviews hoping 3 years will be better camera ofcourse


All my photos are like white washed

Human ghost

And no such skin detail.

Please help me spread this 

So no one buys these 2 stupid phones

S10 lite

And note 10 lite

Which are just waste over hardware with even worst hardware from 2 years back


With this new look of camera design

Nothing is changing 

Even s20 see the specs

All the same 

Megapixel does not change quality


Also. My screen has issues

If u click anything even with open camera app

The photos looks better since I put the image quality 100% which makes a lot more difference but still when I click the pic skin tones is a tad bbit better . (ON minus 1 ev) 

And then when u see it on gallery the skin become looks whitish


I have one plus 5 if I compare my selfie from 2016 phone with s10 plus 


The s10 sucks badly so bad that I have to delete the photo thetr is no use keeping It


Finally someone agrees. And know what quality means 




Right there with you, @doc1964 . The experience has been frustrating enough that Apple already has my business at the next upgrade. The rest of the phone is very nice, so I'll enjoy it for the next few years, but to put out such a half baked camera experience for flagship pricing in 2019/2020 is unacceptable. GCam port has made the camera usable for my Snapdragon version, but there are drawbacks there, too.


iPhone is behind Samsung regarding performance in every way, except the camera  software maybe. The 3 lenses on the Samsung are very good. The iPhones are heavy and clunky still. Vendor lockin is very restricting. I have both the Samsung S10+ and the iPhone XR and I prefer the Samsung over the iPhone. And the price on an iPhone is waaaaaay too expensive for what you actually get. I would seriously stick with an Android phone. 


@Poncke wrote:

iPhone is behind Samsung regarding performance in every way, except the camera  software maybe. The 3 lenses on the Samsung are very good. The iPhones are heavy and clunky still. Vendor lockin is very restricting. I have both the Samsung S10+ and the iPhone XR and I prefer the Samsung over the iPhone. And the price on an iPhone is waaaaaay too expensive for what you actually get. I would seriously stick with an Android phone. 

1. With all due respects. My iPhone 6s is still recieving updates and is yet to lag. While my brothers s9 is lagging to the point of having to restart the phone once a week. Iphone can be on all year with no need to restart or clean cache...

2.Yes in terms of hardware Samsung is "stronger" but like you said. Software is better on iPhone because they are owners of their own OS and can tailor it to their needs. The one problem that Android has is that it needs to be usable for every phone. Im sure Samsung could make a briliant in house OS but the problem is the APP support (what killed BlackBerry esentially). iPhone performs better in all of the testing and in every day measurements. And that is what the user needs in the end...final results. Not how you achieve them. I dont care if the phone has 8gb but laggs while the 2gb one is flawless. Optimization is the key word here. Even Google phones are struggling with optimisation these days with some users and reviewers reporting slowdowns during some updates.

3. You are 100% right on the price. Apple is crazy with those prices. Especially for the non S Max models. I was hoping to buy XR model but refused because it was 20% more expensive than S10e and NO HD screen!! Helloooo 2005 called. 
Also what comes in with the phone was such a b-ch move from Apple. No fast charger, *****ty headphones (with that stupid dongle) and no 3.5mm jack... that was esentially what made me decide for Samsung.


@Poncke I don't know about that. The A13 Bionic stacks up well against the Snapdragon 855 in just about every competition. That's not to say the S10+ is not plenty fast. It's handled every task I throw at it with plenty of speed. I think One UI is a really, really great step forward for Samsung and is the best Android skin there is. I also agree with you that the lenses themselves on the S10 and S10+ are good - it's just the way that Samsung's built in camera software and post processing software handles them. It keeps the shutter open for too long which hampers its ability to capture motion. And with any pictures of human skin or pet fur... forget it. It gets blended over like a watercolor painting, and humans look like blurred dolls.  


The S10+ is my 8th Android handset and 10th Android device overall if you include tablets (Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Nexus 10), beginning with the Moto Droid in 2009. I've loved the customization and the many options. But Google bungling messaging for so many years and investing in projects only to deprecate them after a year or two have finally convinced me to move on. My wife, in laws, and sister all have iPhones, and after a few years of observing the ease of iMessage, FaceTime, and AirDrop, the build quality on the phones, the coherence of the product ecosystem (AirPods, Apple Watch) vs. Android, and the five years of updates... they might finally have me. 


Its been a long time since we talked about this.
I feel like there is some improvement to the pic quality. Its not 100% there. But they have definitivly fiddled with camera image processing a bit.

Or is it just me?


Note 10 lite here and the same issues.

- Pics look grainy even in ok-light conditions

- All images are ultra super heavily oversharpened. Nobody who works with photos would edit a pic like that - but here it's just a default you can't even turn off. WTF Samsung

- All images are oversaturated

- The white-balance / color profile is chosen wrongly in 80% of my photos resulting in sterile extremely weird looking photos


- It turns a wood into something sterile and technical - not the kind of memories I want to take with me from a hike

- It turns food into something that looks like a badly made mockup of food

- It turns people into something wird looking as if I used a digital camera from the 90s


I switched from an S7 to this phone - also not checking reviews for the camera because I trusted Samsung... But this turns me mad every time I want to work with those pics afterwards. I just wonder what happened with these camera-settings.  I guess there are some great engineers in the company who set up a software producing nicely looking natural images but a color-blind vision-deprieved top manager just overruled them all to go with the heaviest crispy look they could get out of their sliders...


And oh what have you done with the S20 and their completely misguided 100x zoom concept. What did you in all honesty expect will come out of a tiny 100mpx sensor? Who the ***** manages this camera R&D department at Samsung!? Is there a single guy who actually has photography as hobby or somewhat of an idea about this stuff?


This annoys me up to the point where I really really consider to switch to the Apple realm - after over 14 years of being a really proud android user and really really hating the inefficient slow and inconclusive apple UI. But the fact that nearly everything that has to do with media/video/editing looks, works and feels better on these iPhones makes me feel as if I put my bet on the wrong horse alltogether... and this Note 10 lite seems to give me the rest...


I have the S20 Ultra and the images are great, low light photos are a lot better as well. And I dont think the HDR is always on. This is a low light image with the S20, you can see the smoothening effect, but that doesnt botter me. Its only a small sensor. If you want to take high quality photos you need a DSLR, preferably full frame sensor.  You will never ever get the same quality with a small sensor and software enhancements. 



I have tried using Pro mode and changing all sorts of settings but as i have mentioned before, this is the first phone camera in years that loads of the pictures i take get deleted. I have never been so unimpressed.

For those that are happy with the quality, i am genuinely happy for you, i would not want anyone to spend the amount of money on one of these phones and not be satisfied.

For me, i got used to having a decent enough camera on my previous phones that meant i did not need to carry around my panasonic Lumix compact camera. (have had several of them). The majority of my pictures are taken in artificial indoor light, pubs, restaurants etc. and i think this camera fails in those situations , post photo processing is abysmal to me.

If Huawei hadn't lost access to Google apps i would have bit the bullet, taken a substantial financial hit and got rid of the 10e.

Definitely no more Samsung however.


Since the beginning of this post, i think than pictures are better now than at the beginning, and for me this picture  is showing me all the travel of the S10 series. 

I don't think Qualcomm or Exinos socket make a difference in photography and you ?


Don't you think this photography looks profesionnal ?

 Kiwimart4 pictureKiwimart4 picture

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