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S10+ Camera, not really "professional" at all....

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Got my S10+ preordered and got it on the 8th of March. Splendid phone, display, battery life... but when testing the camera..i can say that i am disapointed beyond any form of recovery... even with the 3 cameras on the really cant match other phones...and that in a bad way... I have a Galaxy S8, which i was hoping to replace it with this S10+, but to be honest...the camera on the S8 takes better photos by far compared with the s10+...not talking about low lighting, or any fancy stuff..just talking about a standard photo of my 4 month old is definately better...but ..overall capturing "moving" subject and colour way way way way better on the S8...Even normal pictures taken with natural light are really like ISO is used way too much and even with the F1.5 at 1/500 and iso 800  (pro mode) pictures are so grainy...and really dark and that is with natural light...not studio or anything...(btw..i am also a professional photographer and i know my "sh...t")

so i am now thinking of returning back the S10+ as the main reason i got the phone was to have a great camera and photo experience....

Really Really dissapointed because of that.. and maybe you think that it is something software related with the new Samsung One OS that came out...nope..upgraded the S8 to that also...and still way way way better pictures..althought the normal OS before the Samsung one that i had on the S8 was still better when it came to taking photos videos...

Any thoughts or anyone experienced this ?

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Exciting times. Really really hope they fix this. It takes great videos in day light, but night time/ indoor videos is not so good. I watched all the S10 videos on YouTube when it came out and none of the YouTube reviewers filmed in low light. Weird to omit that since we take a lot of video and photos indoors.

Yeah I think the marketing has been clever by Samsung and the 'reviewers'

Really great phone this is turning out to be! Sarcasm!..... Not happy at all Samsung!!


My note 8 has better quality pictures day and night 🌃 and no preorder bonus and poor battery 🔋 




Did I mention the terrible camera quality at night, I don't even attempt taking pictures at night on this phone so been using my note 8 again! And I'm serious 😂 I was meant to be selling it! 




Why did I get this?? No one with a P30 Pro even wants to swap with me anywhere grrr 


So currently stuck with this "amazing" new phone.....



Give us the option to add the video recording button in photo modes. Switching to video has a 1-2 sec delay that causes missed moments...
Fix Samsung. I am scared they have a crappy lens due to cost cutting to having so many cameras. If the lens is no good, no processing resolves it. Wonder if I can return the phone as it was not as described!
Yes they took away the best featurem also miss the front and rear camera working at the same time on the s7 edge. Why do they take ways the best features and give us ones that arent so useful.

Why can't anyone from Samsung reply to this issue?! What is even the sense of this whole samsung forum/community? Theres's little to none useful responses from the Samsung "Care Team". Most of the replies are "Please tell us the IMEI/serial number" "Please reboot into safe mode..." These replies are not helpful at all! It's the software most probably. It would be way more helpful when you forward these issues to Samsung directly, and make some pressure on them. It's so dissapointing since I always lived Samsung smartphones for their cameras. 

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Total Agree with you mate the camera sucks on S10 plus i wasted my money too

Sorry....didnt had any time to update the post as i have a 5 month baby and taking a bit of time from us. Anyway i did return the Phone as camera was still..."suckky" ..and i managed to get myself the new Huawei P30...which...takes great photos...and has a lot more to offer compared to the samsung...hey...i is samsung...but...for me...the comparisson was, Battery, Camera, OS smoothness, Phone features...

As a comparisson - 
Battery - Huawei clear winner and by a 1000 miles...after more than usuall usage, (browsing, phone calls on speaker phone, photos, videos)the battery was more than 50% at the end of day...
Camera - well..we all know how the S10+ is had more camera features and even though Huawei has pretty much the same ones...still on the samsung, there was "focus" shot which on Huawei exists indeed, but ...not like the samsung camera was better on that mode...
OS Smoothness - cant complain on the Huawei...really really smooth and fast..havent got any complaint on that (I own another Huawei..Mate 10 and that one even after 2 years almost of usage...still fast...really the new Huawei is great...Dont know about samsung but i know that with the samsung phones, they tend to slow down after a couple of months/1 year or so...we will see what the new One OS will have to say later...

OS features - well..what i like about the that you can literally customise everything...i mean...pretty much what i needed anyways...cant really go into depth into that comparisson as i havent had enough time to play with the S10 + a conclusion... Samsung needs to address these and do this proper or they will lose customers...and its really sad ..because there were so many Apple users which stopped using apple and switche to "android"...mostly probably samsung...but now...of course depends on everyone's needs....I wasnt i returned the phone... and prior to that i had ordered the Pixel 3...standard ..not XL....and..returned that next day..because...really....most useless phone ever..really ...cant customise anything..."clean android OS" my.... If you cant customise it to your needs...why advertise it at being the "best"...when clearly its not...and by MILES...Google does one thing..and that they the limits of impossible....the camera software...They are lucky because of that...because the camera hardware is not that great...the software and the AI used by the phones just beyond any phone manucaturer literaly by years.....

Anyways...Good luck and hope that Samsung fixes these issues for the users that wanted to keep their S10/S10+ as this is really sad and dissapointing...


Cheers and catch you guys later...


I must be the lucky one, I love the camera, I upgraded from an s7 edge and the quality of both videos and photos is amazing, the depth of view makes the photos ive taken look like 3D, This one was taken through a glass screen4 bridges.jpg

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