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S10 Battery Drain


So I've just switched over to a s10+ from iPhone  x and don't get me wrong I'm loving the phone but to me seems the battery life is pritty poor, sent a few emails this morning and lost 5% on battery life?????

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Which model do you have and how many firmware updates have you received?


What I find odd is your whatsapp usage shows 4hrs 56 mins but your phone screen has only been on for 1hour 35 minutes?!  That doesn't add up, I think the whatsapp app is keeping your phone awake (not the screen) but background cpu.  I had the same issue with whatsapp, I updated my phone firmware (my s10e had the 3 updates).  I cleared Whatsapp cache and data, deleted the app and reinstalled.  Then I disabled resticted background activity under battery for this app but allowed background data so I still get the notifications.  this fixed it for me.

Screenshot_20190330-133337_Software update.jpg

That's what I am on.


Been on what's app calls for 4 hours today so far


Screen also on for 4 hours, will post the battery usage later tonight

@cara1 wrote:
Ditman - what country are you in? That could make a massive difference. I ONLY received it by doing a manual check this morning and a number of others in the UK had already received the update so it feels like it's quite random

I'm from Bulgaria. Got the phone from one network but it's unlocked and I'm using it with a Sim card from another network operator. I don't think there is a difference from where the phone has been bought. I will look into Smart Switch on my laptop to see if the update is there.

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Mine is so horrible! My s10 is still new!! Its been about 7 hours without being charged and already 44 percent! What is the solution??

@Rawiyaa wrote:

Mine is so horrible! My s10 is still new!! Its been about 7 hours without being charged and already 44 percent! What is the solution??

Have you tried the solutions posted above in this thread? 

Wow Samsung is pushing out a lot of firmware updates!! I think that confirms they know of the problems and they know it's likely software related.  I have a network unlocked but only received the ASC8 this morning (I'm in the UK) but looks like we can expect another one shortly. I can say that the ASC8 update did a whole lot of not much for my phone though I do note that while I had my phone away from my for 2 hours while I was riding my horse I had zero battery drain

Yes, please do that.


Haven't received the firmware but I cleared the app store cache and the cache partition.


Gave it a full charge, reinstalled the troublesome apps including Spotify, turned off Bixby, aod, edge notifications. Turned off notifications that I dont use. Turned of adaptive display, switched on adaptive battery and allowed background activity for WhatsApp and spotify.


I have been on whats app calls for 4 hours today..Screenshot_20190330-165747_Settings.jpg


I think the updates work! Here is my story:

I bought an S10 512Gb direct from Samsung. 

I've had 3 updates after which I cleared the Google Play Store & Google Play Services Data caches.

This morning I charged my phone to 90% and ran either Utube or Amazon Prime movies all day via wifi only stopping occasionally to check email or messages.

Got 8 hours screen time with power dropping to 26%!

I'm very happy!

I see no reason this should not work for you!screengrab-20190330-170136.jpg


Oh, I also cleared partion cache!

Yes so horrible nothing changed 

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