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S10 Battery Drain


So I've just switched over to a s10+ from iPhone  x and don't get me wrong I'm loving the phone but to me seems the battery life is pritty poor, sent a few emails this morning and lost 5% on battery life?????

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Very interesting!! I didnt know that, seriously. Yes iPhone can be turned on like 2 more times before its "dead, dead". Still like you said at the end. Android (or Samsung UI) should make this accounted. I dont care how much reserve/boot power I have. I care how long I have before I realistically cannot make a call or to finish up something that cannot be saved.

They should just calculate it like Apple does.

Thank you for clarification. I thought it was a bad battery calibration (which is strange since the phone is 5 months old). :smiling-face:

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Hello there!


Of course, there are many possibilities, but at this point of time, it could be some faulty hardware, and not the software, based on what you've told me. I have an Exynos model S10e, which has both a smaller battery and worse battery management, yet I'm a very heavy user and average 11hrs on a single charge. Then, after quick charging, it takes me through most of the night. You, having a Snapdragon model, should theoretically be getting more battery life out of your device, but as that is not the case, I recommend either backing up your data and performing a factory reset, or visiting a Samsung maintenance store (which we cannot do of course, due to the current COVID-19 situation). 

No, my s10e is also Exynos garbage. Its slower than Snapp and its power management is trash. I too get 11hr on single charge. And like you Im a heavy user. But even when Im not. I cant believe that I lost 20% of battery just by leaving it on the table for 1hour or so. 
Like I mentioned before its new. 
Im not ready to get a virus over it. But judging by what you said. We are 100% same story. Which easies my mind.


With Android devices, they have always fared badly in terms of standby power usage, compared to iOS. This is because Android holds much more in its RAM, in order to speed up the process of opening apps. This is the "Quick Launch" feature that debuted along with the S10 series. In general, Android is much more power consuming than iOS. That is not to say that iOS is better than Android, both systems have their flaws.

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