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S10 Battery Drain


So I've just switched over to a s10+ from iPhone  x and don't get me wrong I'm loving the phone but to me seems the battery life is pritty poor, sent a few emails this morning and lost 5% on battery life?????

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how can samsung justify asking customers paying so much and put their phone in medium power saving mode, this seems absurd.

I'm having issues with the Note 10+ 5G that I received a few days ago. The battery drains abnormally fast even on standby. Had the same problem with the S10+ and S10 5G which I sent back and cancelled my contracts. I'm sending back the Note 10+ 5G as well and am in two minds as to whether I'm going to get a replacement or not. I have an iPhone XS Max which gives me no problems at all with battery drain. I can easily get two days of average use on my iPhone but sadly I hardly was able to make it through the day with the Note 10+ even with minimal use.

After S10+ i will try an iphone for the first time or pixel 4/5. I had all galaxys and a couple of notes, but they ignore those issues for years now. Their support said that they didnt even know about battery issues. Thats very bad customer experience for which i dont want to pay anymore. The s10 is a great phone but battery life as well as customer service are like in the 90s and far away from being premium quality. Other manufacturers nowadays build great phones, too.  Early 2020 two of my four contracts get renewed, time to change if they will stay like that. 

Nothing. They changed motherboard on my device and it didn't help. Samsung just doesn't give a **** about it. Never buying Samsung device again.

So...annoyingly I think that the battery drain is from wakelocks/apps that you can't disable unless you do it via Adhell (which you can no longer get keys for), a package disabler, rooting your phone and package disabler, or ADB commands. I say this because my keys for AH have now expired and my battery life has become HORRIFIC!!!!!!!!!  So, I'm thinking I might root my phone so I can control the apps/packages that Samsung stupidly doesnt let you control- I would use ADB but I like being able to do things on the fly in case I disable an "incorrect" app and breaks something else.



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I think the quality of Samsung batteries are poor compare with other phone brands as Huawei for examples.....

Hi, I had the same problem with battery. I have:

1. Disabled background usage for Device care (the app that is responsible for the battery chart), deleted all the actualizations of this app and disabled autoactualize in play and Galaxy store.

2. Disabled permissions for Google play services.

My SOT jumped from 3,5 hour to outstanding 6 hours. With 20 hours stand by time.

Hope this will help You. Let me know if it worked for You.


Hi,  could you please guide me through steps on how to Actualize device care app and disable autoactualize in play and Galaxy store? 


Very frustrated with my U.S. S10+ on ATT.


I use it for backpacking trips and the screen off consumption seems like way too much.


Accubattery reports 2 percent per hour or about 94mah. AB is reporting the phone going into deep sleep. And this is with airplane mode on.


Any ideas?



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