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S10 Battery Drain


So I've just switched over to a s10+ from iPhone  x and don't get me wrong I'm loving the phone but to me seems the battery life is pritty poor, sent a few emails this morning and lost 5% on battery life?????

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Hey @Soggles ,


Sorry to bother you, I noticed you had this problem I while back, just want to know if it actually got better or you decided to go other way.


I just got my S10 and battery life is a concern.


Would you be able to anwer me through Private Message? I dont believe this page would be reliable to notify me, maybe you wont event see this messege but I wanted to try.





I'm getting between 7 - 8 hours of on screen time on my S10 after I followed this site also turn of   auto optimization Screenshot_20190519-224053_Settings.jpg



Hi everyone... 


I was a bit active on this forum few pages back shortly after I got my Note 9.. I was having the same issues that you are describing here... I tried MANY things, and some days were ok.... (Ok for me was reaching nearly 5.1 hours of SOT when I was at 15% of battery, on a phone I know its ok to expect having at least 6 - 7 SOT) and some others were not so good (reached less than 3.5 SOT when I was at 15% of battery).. Then I got tired, I got tired of having to play the engineer with this phone, tired of controlling if Wifi or bluetooth is activated, of having the phone always on the Maximum battery saving mode, night mode on, NFC off, etc etc etc.... Things I never did with my previous phones in order to get the same or even better SOT.. 


So I sold the phone (I couldn't return it back to Samsung). Lost money in the transaction but I didn't care, I was done with this unit. And put my sim card on an old Nokia phone wich battery lasts 1 week... For Whatsapp and stuff I use the work phone which is a Huawei (which by the way works awesome)... And I couldnt be happier... 


I will await and I'd rather go back to iOS or get a Huawei for myself (though now I will await to see what happens). I don't think I'll get a smartphone until few months from now, I want to see what happens in the market first from now to the end of the year.


Wish you the best guys. For me the experience wasn't good and I doubt I'd repeat with Samsung on mobiles phone. 


Good afternoon everyone.


I'm getting tired too,


I've been waiting. But a few more days and I'm going to start sending the phone for the guarantee until they solve the problem or give me the money back.


I'm already buying the Samsung brand since Note 1. The last I had was the S8 +. They were all cheaper, with lower characteristics. On battery they were always better than the S10 +.


I do not understand.

Come over to the disgruntled S10 varients group on facebook. Lets build traction. the link is

@RuiCardoso  have you tried BIXBY ROUTINES to manage those battery sucking services like wifi, mobile data, NFT, Mobile Tethering etc?  If not go to youtube and search for using BIXBY Routines.  Im an S10+ User and since 7am yesterday morning I have used 1 day 2 hours device idle time and a whopping 5 Hrs 33 Minutes of Screen Time. All since I used BIXBY Routines


Rubbsh battery on mine still,  I've tried everything Samsung suggested they even sent a new charger and lead but no difference at all.


A lot better than me. I rarely ever get to 3 hour SoT in total:


Not quite sure what to do to fix it.


Guys new in the samsung galaxy here. Got my s10e but i am definitely not really happy with its battery life so far. Unfortunately in the UK only the exynos variant is available so this is what i got. I upload you a photo of battery usage with airplane mode constantly on, auto sync off, nightmode on. Is these numbers normal or strange? ThanksScreenshot_20190526-223609_Settings.jpg


Dont bother. S9+exynos has the same prob massive batt drain. N Samsungs nt gonna do nything abt it.thats y i din go with the s series even though they r good lookin n stuff.

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