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S10 Battery Drain


So I've just switched over to a s10+ from iPhone  x and don't get me wrong I'm loving the phone but to me seems the battery life is pritty poor, sent a few emails this morning and lost 5% on battery life?????

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How's the battery life on your S10+?

So i guess we should all be hopeful for a furture F/w upgrade that resolves the battery life issue because a 4100 MAH not even lasting a full day sucks. 

The battery drains extremely fast, i mean u just unlock the device, send a text and boom, there goes 2%.

Really hope it aint a hardware issue!!!


I have bought an s10+, UK so the exynos variant. So i am unable to gain more than 4.30 hours of screen time any day since I bought the mobile around 40 days before.


Completely ridiculous as the snapdragon version in the US seems to be giving screen times of nearly 9 hours which is almost double than what the exynos chip is capable of currently.


And given the wear and tear for the money spent this phone sure wont last an year with this limit of the battery and we will have to empty out our pockets to get the battery replaced. 


Such a pain in the back. I don't think this can be fixed with a software update as this clearly is a hardware limitation.


Samsung should just shut up and accept it and give the affected customers atleast some sort of compensation, or simply provide them the snapdragon variant. And just for info, I have been running my device on all possible optimizations available and 1080p resolution. 4.30 hours is the best the exynos variant can return. 


It's not all roses and purfume over here in the US, buddy. 


I have the snapdragon model and get only 4 hrs. total screen time.


I am trying to set on "Max Performance" mode tonight to see if maybe a counter-intuitive way works!

Couldn't be a hardware issue i suppose as people didn't face any challanges out of the box.

As per the posts most of them started facing issues after the April securtiy patch!!!

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Hi everyone, I have a S10 Plus.
I have been following the thread for a long time, as the first thing I noticed about this smartphone is the horrible drain of the battery, practically the same as my old iphone 5s. Under wifi I reach 6-7 hours of screen, with optimized battery profile ,always on display, night mode, but if I pass under 4G it's a disaster. I honestly don't like to list all the settings on my phone, I see that there have been lots of comments with testimonials and it seems to me a fairly common problem.


I've never written in the SAMSUNG community, but as a SAMSUNG community, are there SAMSUNG operators who respond to comments? We are at 109 pages of comments, it does not seem to us that we are talking about something that can be ignored.


***** get 6-7 hours SOT on wifi? 😮

and how much does the battery last?


S10e exynos version here. Also for me battery is great on WiFi and airplane mode on I can get up 8hrs SOT ( although I don't do anything demanding like games). As soon as I turn airplane off and connect to a mobile network though battery drains very fast even without using the phone.

Samsung need to acknowledge this problem.


S10e, I live in Poland.
Today's morning:
(I have reset the CPU Spy just before going to sleep and plugging my phone to charge)

Today's evening:

1h15m SOT, 60% of battery left. What can I do to find out what is the problem? It seems like the phone is not in the deep sleep as much time as it should, but why?

When I'm using the phone the battery is not going down like crazy, I can imagine like 6h of SOT, but let's say 30 hours of standby with 3 hour of SOT is impossible, but it should be. It is ridiculous hat is wrong there?


So there we go guys, that's the key, we have to keep our phones in airplane mode to get good battery life out of them, problem solved!

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