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S10 Battery Drain


So I've just switched over to a s10+ from iPhone  x and don't get me wrong I'm loving the phone but to me seems the battery life is pritty poor, sent a few emails this morning and lost 5% on battery life?????

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Mines gone the other way.  I've received the April update and now my phone drains like a dripping tap.  IF ANYONE has a list of recommended settings to add please tell me,  im 2 steps away from taking my phone back to vodafone for refund and gettings the P30 Pro.  I dont want to cos I love this phone but I got to have my phone and decent battery.  Thats the big reason I bought it.


H  E  L  P  !!!!!

Same.  1 HR SOT and my battery is 74% - haven't done anything out of the norm - WTF...!!!!!!  Cell standby drain is always second to my screen in Device Care and this wasn't the case BEFORE the April update.  Severley, severley disappointed - I absolutely love the phone but this is atrocious and tempted to sell the phone for something else.

if you sell it will you keep your earbuds?

I've given up. I can't deal with this battery drain. I pre ordered my S10. Looking on Sammy's website to try to either return or have my device replaced under warranty is extremely confusing, all I see is washers dryers another electronics and the website is perplexing. Anybody have any advice on how to go about activating the warranty and sending this phone back to them? is there a physical location I can go to to drop it off in my area to expedite the process?  


and yeah, that's probably the more pertinent and pressing question at the moment, will that one guy keep his buds?

 This confirm our experience... The Exynos chipset is pretty bad compare to the snapdragon... And this is on wifi 

I'm going ahead and pulling a warranty ticket right now for my S10 snapdragon. I honestly feel like running into Best buy and grabbing a S10 e and hoping for the best, I really don't like the in screen fingerprint reader either, I hear and I see that the thumbprint reader works instantly which would really be a joy

How many days has it been since you first received your device?

I don't have the earbuds...I didn't pre-order mine.

So I seem to be having a battery issue as well. Here are a few screenshots from my battery drain this morning and to put it into context,  I have been at work and barely used my phone.


My screen time has been minimal this mornins and it seems it just loses a percent quite frequent even when it's idle. Just writing this post has seen the battery drop 2%.


Any advice/ideas?Screenshot_20190502-110756_Digital wellbeing.jpg




Screenshot_20190502-110825_Device care.jpg


Just send back the phone, the s10 is simply not worth having with the battery. 

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