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S10 Battery Drain


So I've just switched over to a s10+ from iPhone  x and don't get me wrong I'm loving the phone but to me seems the battery life is pritty poor, sent a few emails this morning and lost 5% on battery life?????

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No, what post? Could you put the link here?



I still have 37 percent battery after  5 hours of screen time in 1 day



Howd you get that SOT?! That's immense.


Was it purely the update or did you do anything else? Would be very grateful if youd PM me if it was  as I'm really struggling.




Dear  friend it is been from begining that way, it is a most wonderful phone but it really started me to hate that phone just because of the Stupid battery . I have been doing all things tips for saving battery but without any resaults...

Are you using medium power mode or optimised?

@Fudgy31 wrote:

if i do a screenshot you will see who i bank with,  what chat apps i use,  what poker sites im on and everything


I just gave information on my experience of my S10 Plus i dont need to prove it to anyone,  no proof required eh @Colin2 


Why would I spend the time raving about it?


If you dont believe me its of no concern to me buddy.


Enjoy your battery drain

No proof required @Fudgy31 




And this...others confirming HUGE (in comparison) difference in battery with the April update as well - there could be hope afterall:


It's a shame it's taken this long for them to do something, in some cases though on reddit people are seeing no difference. 

Regardless I'm little to late to jump back to my S10+, things I love about S10 are definitely the software and overall build/shape compared to the P30 Pro -


on the other hand the P30 Pro has too much going for it over S10 - some will claim the camera is no difference but honestly there is - also yes the battery is better, it took a day or two but as it stands I'm going to get over 5h sot using 4G which does take more battery than WiFi so I think what we were seeing was just poor optimisation of the one ui on battery. I think if you use only 4G your never going to get over 6 or 7h sot on a 4100 or 4200mah battery. Do we even know the usage of the people getting over 7/8h sot? I think they either are using more WiFi than 4g or mixture of both over their usage time.


What do you guys think? Software or could still potentially be hardware as people are saying different results.... 



I dunno...I have the regular s10 and I took off my battery saver tasker and kept it to optimized, mostly of 4G yesterday and managed about 5.5 hours SOT (did an experiment) and while a few night ago my battery drained nearly 10% overnight last night it drained 2%  


I think Samsung hasn't optimized the battery and it was a push to market (as usual) rather than fully fledged.  This is precisely why there are so many security/privacy vulnerabilities in tech devices and from what I've seen in my line of work, it very much is "we just need to get it to market!!" 


WiFi all the time,  not bad really, battery drain on mine is definitely via 4GScreenshot_20190428-084749_Settings.jpg


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