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S10 Battery Drain


So I've just switched over to a s10+ from iPhone  x and don't get me wrong I'm loving the phone but to me seems the battery life is pritty poor, sent a few emails this morning and lost 5% on battery life?????

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@Dan78uk wrote:

I ve replaced 2 exynos and now I have the snapdragon version. It does last much longer.

I can't use some Samsung services but I'm ok with it .

I was tempted to do exactly this!


@dani8501- did you do the optimizations that I had suggested? I too get 3% battery drain overnight when left unplugged for a 7-8 hour period on my regular S10.

I can't believe Samsung admitted (in some form) that early batches were faulty. I still cannot check which date mine was made...annoying! If Samsung doesn't replace faulty items or offer something in place, I'm sure the EU would force them to do so.


ETA - found out how - typed in *#12580*369#  - mine was manufactured March 28 2019  (in case typing in *#197328640#* or  *#*#197328640#*#* doesn't work as it doesn't work for me)

How do I know what processor I have in my phone?  Im trying to work out why im now getting this battery drain.


FYI guys - this from XDA (really good forum):



Additionally, it does not count the power required to have the CPU be awake. Even if all processes together wouldn't consume any CPU cycles, just the CPU being powered draws additional energy. Unfortunately for us, Samsung's stock CPU configuration keeps the CPU running at a rather high frequency even when it's near idle. While Pixels may reduce their active cores to one and its frequency into the low hundreds mhz, it seems the S10 keeps powering four cores at around one ghz. This is a monumental waste of power. (Note: CPU power use is fairly linear with frequency, and squared for voltage. "Fairly" and not exactly, because efficiency always goes down with higher energy use, but it's a good rule of thumb)

Of course, all these things are only relevant when a notification is actually being showed; if there isn't, the screen goes into ultra-low power mode, and the CPU goes asleep.

This is why I generally tend to ignore statements about CPU usage by non-devs, for any apps. It rarely tells a complete picture of what is going on, and even if it did, CPU usage % changes drastically between CPU frequencies. In an aggressively downclocking / powersaving device, the CPU may be downclocked significantly, that could cause running apps to use 40% CPU. Those same apps may run at 5% CPU if the CPU was running full-speed. But, and here comes the kicker: it is likely less power is used on a low clock with high %. Without information about all those factors, the only thing CPU % measurements are good for is noting if a process is actually using abnormally high CPU for sustained periods. Aside from that, they are pretty much useless used from Android's statistics found in the UI.

At the risk of sounding an arrogant know-it-all, when I test and state my numbers, I do take all those factors into account.


@cara1 28th March 😮 so nearly a month after release yours was made - means that either samsung have been shipping bad ones for a while and caught it in April - TBH this has made me feel bit better knowing yours is even further along then mine - theres hope in it being software I think - maybe Euro versions suffer from carrier firmware and the chipset - could be a bad combo of many things - app+chip+carrier and so on 


I'm really apt to say it's software related and something isn't optimized properly but who knows!


Depending on the region will depend on which processor you have.  Only the US and China have the Snapdragon processors (I don't think Canada does but I might be wrong)







@Albann wrote:





Yeah all good but will it improve battery - all these sound nice but could further kill battery - and also carriers wont provide this straight away as normal so many will be waiting a long time for this update


 Turn on

Put apps to sleep when its not in use

Keep only necessary ones

And use medium power saving mode

I am using wifi whole day and night

Just follow those two steps

And there u goo

I did only put apps to sleep
And medium power save mode
And my battery problem is solved
But this is still small problem i think its proximity sensor
Hope to get it solved in next update
Coz samsung s series can not have hardware issue
Since its the best series of all the time
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