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S10 Battery Drain


So I've just switched over to a s10+ from iPhone  x and don't get me wrong I'm loving the phone but to me seems the battery life is pritty poor, sent a few emails this morning and lost 5% on battery life?????

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Clearing partition cache hasn't worked for me at all...have done it I don't know how many times. Have done the 3 setting resets, factory resets (and only installing photos, contacts, phone numbers and text messages via smartswitch), have removed bloatware from my device via ADB (Bixby with the exception of Bixby routines, gimmicky stuff like AR Emoji, the kids partition, galaxy watch support stuff that I will never ever use anyways) dice. Have installed BetterBatteryStats and gave it access via ADB but Samsung has locked down the SDK and no one has "hacked" it yet so BBS can work and analyze the internal workings/apps; have installed Accubattery and tried to run my phone down last night but according to Accubattery my phone does indeed go into a deep sleep when I did have it running....all with little to no result.


I switched from iPhone this time last year and my Sony had ***** battery *but still better than iphone) until I figured out the wakelock issue but Samsubg has locked down their platform moreso than Sony which is frustrating


Sorry for the double post - didn't think my other one actually posted!

I have done everything under the sun. Clearing partition cache didn't help me at all. So far I have done the following:

- clear data on phone, especially GPS and then clear partition cache
- factory reset and ONLY loaded contacts, texts, photos onto the phone from smartswitch; re-downloaded all apps manually from Google
- turn off all location and motion sensors, put apps to sleep, medium battery setting, adaptive battery, changed screen to be a darker wallpaper, etc
- in developer tools turn off bloatware apps secretly running in the background...
- remove a lot of bloatware via ADB (Bixby with the exception of bixby routines, galaxy watch support as I will never use it, Samsung apps like people/friends, AREmoji, etc.) And do a partition clean
- install BetterBatteryStats and give access to the phone to find if it's a wakelock via ADB EXCEPT Samsung has locked down its code so the app cant inspect the phone; installed Accubattery last night as a last resort - last night it told me my phone goes into deep sleep which is good...but it still remains a mystery as to what exactly is causing the drain (!!!)
- performed the 3 setting re-sets (last night) as suggested by someone else on this forum and XDA....

As I say, I switched from iPhone this time last year and my Sony had better but not so great battery life UNTIL I turned off the Wakelock under Android System via developer tools (had to do this for every restart). Of course, cant do that with Samsung as they've locked down their code/platform...(for now...)


I fully charged mine when i got home last night and then left it from 10pm until 8am and i only lost 5% which is good. But since ive started using it ive lost 6% so something else is the issue.


During the 6% loss, what did you use and for how long? 


Thank you for your post and the details.

Just one question:

How do you cleare Google Play Serives Data and Cache?


Bit of general browsing, checked emails. Less than 5 minutes use.


My phones lost 24% in an hour with just some really light tasks 


Mine is no where near that bad. On standby id probably get between 15-20 hours. Its just when i use it it drains too quickly compared to other Samsung phones ive got.


Hi All, Im a UK user with the Exynos processor version. I'm interested to know what you think about my battery stats?   Do you think I'm doing well or suffering the same battery issues others are experiencing on this thread.   Would be great too see what other forum members think . I have done the partition clear thingy and installed the latest update and always run battery set to "optimzed and Adataptive on"   Thanks! Screenshot_20190326-215030_Settings.jpg




Go to Settings > Apps > tap the 3 dots top right to access additional options select Show systems apps > scroll the list of apps to find Google play services, then under storage clear both cache and data.

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