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S10 Battery Drain


So I've just switched over to a s10+ from iPhone  x and don't get me wrong I'm loving the phone but to me seems the battery life is pritty poor, sent a few emails this morning and lost 5% on battery life?????

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How did you fix your battery issue??

Here's an interesting development. Chrome has been a HIGH drain on my battery despite restricting background activity and putting app to sleep (we are talking to of list these last few days despite not doing much on it).  I've just gone through and uninstalled a LOT of bloatware via ADB (though there is a lot more I can remove it looks like but am afraid to just yet) and interestingly my Android System battery drainage has now gone down significantly. Also, Chrome has been uninstalled via ADB as there is no other way to do it and has disappeared altogether from my battery drain chart lol. Wasnt expecting that ... I've switched to FF browser and will see what effect that may have

Looks like theyre fixing it! Finally ive been waiting for this for about 2 weeks now thank god

I had this update about 2 days ago and my battery is still awful

It only came out yesterday lol
Alright since yesterday. Still hasnt help. Get less than 2.5 hours screen time before its dead.

That sounds like there's something very wrong with your phone, more a hardware problem 

@LewyT4 wrote:

I had this update about 2 days ago and my battery is still awful

Also, are you sure it's the ASC8 build? 

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