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S10+ Android 10 update slow download




I've got a problem with downloading latest software update. It's been downloading all day. Literally ALL DAY.

And it's just got over the half. Friends who also have the same device downloaded and updated successfully within 10 minutes.

Changing from Wi-Fi to mobile data did not change anything. Still slow. Never had a problem with previous updates...


It worked!

  1. Download SuperVPN play store
  2. lauch SuperVPN, may get a message about enabling background, ignore it as it is enabled.
  3. Close the ads that open up
  4. Click on the globe icon top right of screen
  5. select auto
  6. click on connect button.

from 5hrs it went down to 3 mins! ready to be installed now!


awesome thanks!



Hi, I did the upgrade last week. It took no more than 5 minutes to download the update file and the phone was operational about 10 mins later. My WiFi runs at 35mbps and my phone is with Vodafone. No problems at all. 


Thanks for the great advice to download SuperVPN! I went from 23hrs (for the last two days!) to a couple of minutes! 🙂


Being a technophobe I don't know, but can I now delete the SuperVPN app as I generally don't like the clutter of unused apps on my phone? 

Brilliant solution, worked within 5 mins instead of 21hrs. Thanks...
This worked, but now I wished I hadn't bothered. Functionality of the navigation bar seems to have changed. You can't hide it any longer, unless you switch on gestures. So on some games and some videos, the navigation bar is there in bright white 🤬
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Magic mate...cheers

This works :smiling-face:



Thank you :thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:


This worked. VPN on and it cut from 20 hours to 5 minutes. 


On EE in the uk also which seems to be a theme.

I complained to EE about this.
At first they said it was a Samsung issue and to take up with them.
I disagreed and told them I was an EE customer, and Samsung was their supplier, so it is them who should sort it.
I got a 2 week line charge refund as a result.
And then Nord VPN sorted my problem.
I have told EE about the work around and said their techies should share...but who knows

Going from recent tweets on Twitter quite a few people seem to be experiencing slow firmware updates.


If I come across one I'm sharing the Vpn workaround.


It's a conundrum why its affecting EE customers.


Im thinking EE will have given you a discount as a goodwill gesture to appease you @mashton 



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