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S10+ Android 10 update slow download




I've got a problem with downloading latest software update. It's been downloading all day. Literally ALL DAY.

And it's just got over the half. Friends who also have the same device downloaded and updated successfully within 10 minutes.

Changing from Wi-Fi to mobile data did not change anything. Still slow. Never had a problem with previous updates...


Supervpn fix worked..... have been going nearly 24 hours and it's now down to 3 mins!!


Mines still got over 2 hours and the bar hasn't moved much 🤦🏻‍♀️

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I have the same problem on my and my wife's s10 from EE. I've searched high and low and cant find a solution why it's at 10hr+ for the update. I have 200mbp download. Need to post this on Twitter.
G973FXXU3BSKO that's the update

I used my vpn...and it went through in 2 minutes.

i am with EE too - amazing their tech team have no idea of this work around....YET, they told me it was a "known fault"

You sir are my hero!!!! Thank youuuuuu!!!!
17 hours down to 10 minutes, genius!

Nice one, makes sense. Panda VPN took it from 17 hrs to 5 mins on my Galaxy S10.


Thanks a lot!the time for me was at like 6 hours but as I turned on the VPN, it literally was changing the numbers to like 4 minutes. 

I'm pleased thanks.


I might sound daft but what is super vpn?


Any VPN will do...it means Virtual Personal Network.

It hides your IP address and uses variable servers/connections (I am no techie...so I am sure others will correct me on teminology).

But you can hey paid ones like Nord VPN, or there are free ones out there, and I assume Super VPN is one by the numbers of people who seem to recommend it here.

Load it, run it on your phone...then do the update

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