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S10+ Android 10 update slow download




I've got a problem with downloading latest software update. It's been downloading all day. Literally ALL DAY.

And it's just got over the half. Friends who also have the same device downloaded and updated successfully within 10 minutes.

Changing from Wi-Fi to mobile data did not change anything. Still slow. Never had a problem with previous updates...


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Found a solution. 

Run through a vpn. 

Downloaded supervpn which is free. Run it. The download was done for the firmware update within 2mins. 

I'm on EE. Solution worked for my wife's and 2 of my brothers too. 

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Superuser I
Superuser I

Was this update directly from your phones software update section @itsphobia  ?




Hi, came onto the community this morning. I allowed my update to start at 11pm last night, its still going through now! Probably around 2% has completed and advising 11hours to go. Any ideas on why. I have enough storage on the phone. Thanks


Sometimes the download time does show quite high but then when it starts the time dramatically reduces.


Are you using a good Wifi connection to download the update @Kimmy2  ?


Or are you using a network data connection ?




All night long. Ive never experienced a software update to go on more than 7hours. Wifi connection has no issues. Ive ran a speed test and currently running at 120mbps. Ive turned off my mobile data connection also, just to be sure the phone isnt trying to connect to that at the same time. Have you managed to update your software? 

Thanks for your reply 


That's weird then @Kimmy2 


I'm in the UK using a Samsung Note 10+ 5G so still awaiting the Samsung One Ui 2.0 Android 10 update.


That said when ever I've updated to a main new firmware it's usually pretty fast !


According to Samsungs Schedule its die to the UK in January 2020.


Was your update directly from your phones update section  ?


Can you get to a Samsung Experience Store  / Samsung Service Centre if all else fails and it continues ?





Im using the s10+ and allowed the update from the settings also. Im going to pause the update for now, the time to complete is increasing, however the bar seems to have moved to around 10% complete. Think I will call Samsung, dont fancy a trip into town the weekend before Christmas

I was hoping the update was direct from your phone as this means it's an official Samsung update.


Something is either glitching or the Samsung Servers are extremely busy @Kimmy2 


I appreciate the City Centres will be pretty busy at this time of year.


May I ask did you buy the phone directly from Samsung  ?


And what part of the world are you in ?




Yes, the update was initiated automatically by my phone at night.


Hi I am having the same problem my wife has a s10 and that was done in 5 mins I've got 20 hours to go . My phone is with ee my wifes with Tesco wonder if that has something to do with it because it will have ee stuff on the update as well so come from the ee server?? 

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