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Reminders in Calendar


Hi all,

    I have reminders set up to show in the stock calendar app.  But with  Reoccurring reminders it will show the 1st reminder in the calendar app but the recurring ones it doesn't?

Anyone else getting this




How long is the time space between the reoccuring events? There was a bug in the android system , starting with Marshmallow but should be fixed i Pie.

Google took 3 versions to fix it, or maybe more if your problem is the same as in the old versions. I havent had my phone long enough to test it out yet . There is an app ” Calendar Notification” that fixed the problem with no calendar notifications in the older android versions.  Hopefully I can give you an answer regarding my phone in some days.  Google better have done their homework.



I have a few, week, 10 days,

Hello ,


Just  to be sure that we are talking the same issue. You are not getting notifications on a reoccurring calendar event created in the calendar app right?  If yes install ”calendar notification”  and let this app handle the calendar notifications, turn off the calendar notifications during the testing.  

Seems like Google went to after work party to soon again.






I got the same thing yesterday .  I think , not sure , that there is something with the battery saver settings.  So do try to disable calendar, calendar storage and Google calendar sync/storage from app optimization.  If that doesn’t solve the issue even try to disable autooptimization , found under battery settings,  three dots.


please let us know if it helps




Hello, So after some days trial and error I found out that Google have done their homework before their afterworkparty. So to get the reoccurrant notifications you have to set the apps that work with calendar to be ”not optimized” . After these settings the notifications should work Best of luck Robert
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