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Pokemon Go Adventure Sync and Samsung Health

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I just upgraded from the S8 to the S10.


In the S8 the integration between adventure sync and Samsung health was seamless.  Not an issue all the steps Health recorded were counted in Pokemon Go.  


Now with the 10 there is no connection.  And worse no steps are being recorded even when PoGo is open.


I went into permissions of Health and under apps PoGo is not there to authorize.  Note: on the S8 I never had to go into permissions.  But thought to check it in trying to solve this issue myself.


Anyone have any experience with this?


I was having the same issue but this solved it - go to Settings -> Apps -> Pokemon Go -> Permissions. There is a new Permission called "Physical Activity" that you have to allow.

Hope this works for you too!


Thank you, that's worked!!! 😀

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