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Hi. On my old Galaxy phones there was always an option to change picture sizes for example 10 or 16 megapixels. Cant see anywhere with that option on S10+. Has anyone else found an option yet?


Samsung has totally messed up the cam 


No option for videos in pro mode in s10 models too


No picture size and resolution change 


Low light performance is now worse compared to s7 s8


I thought it was by default in top resolution


Full Landscape: 4032x1908
1:1 Landscape: 3024x3024
16:9 Landscape: 4032x2268
4:3 Landscape: 4032x3024

These are the fixed settings and cannot be changed.


I agree that this needs to be changed. Camera does not seem like it is that good at the moment but could probably be improved with software updates.

Honestly it looks like a bit rushed, take bright night for example - the output it produces is nothing but hilarious. Also try video capturing in low light, all I see is grains, as all of us know Samsung’s update history we can expect stability improvements but I’m not sure if that will improve these critical areas since it’s a very long way to go, And then you go to YouTube all you see is competition upping the game quite significantly in particular with AI, night mode and low light videos, fingers crossed 


Yes, this is yet another mess.


On my S7 Edge, i can choose the aspect ratio and the resolution. They both do affect each other but at least it is clear that this is the case. Agree with the rushed comment.


As for the camera performance, this *should* have been sorted by now for Samsung's sake but the updates have come and gone.........i think given the P30 Pro launch video yesterday, anyone looking for a phone with a focus on strong camera performance will not be looking at any S10 variant.


The P30 Pro quite simply has decimated the S10's camera offering. 



Not agree. The p30 pro is 5x optical zoom and nothing else



How about the night capability and the enhanced ISO values?


How about that new sensor?


How about having AF on the ultra wide lens?


How about the OIS and computational photography working to stabilise and enhance both 5x zoom and 50x zoom to produce usable shots? The s10 struggles with that at ZERO zoom.


Did you watch the event? Probably not but the demo put both Apple and Samsung cameras to shame. In a big way.



Put it this way. The 2018 Mate 20 Pro is toe-to-toe with the S10 and smashed it in many regards.


The P30 Pro just smashed the Mate 20 Pro




its simple.






Jinjur is absolutely right, look at the ISO for low light it’s crazy and the low light video recording is simply stunning too. Also the camera AI on P30 series is simply miles better so there’s no match. The downside would be screen and EMUI 


Yeah. 100% agree...............screen and EMUI are stopping me right now


Well actually, it's mny experience with jumping on the S10 as soon as it came out is stopping me


Not interested in beta testing for companies any more.

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