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One UI 2.5

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I can't get the update One UI 2.5 since it was released on 4th September to the samsung galaxy s10+ upto now. 
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I have the galaxy s10 5G and I havent received the update either I last updated my phone on the 5th August
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I think its only coming to note 10, s20 and note 20 for now, I think they will roll it out later for s10 series.
I already have it #S10
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we are getting it this month for the s10 but each network is different they have to check to make sure it works with there system even after samsung has made it for there own phone u would think samsung would make it universal for all networks I think the networks drag it out for all the users
Does yours have the youtube search feature in the Samsung keyboard? My S10 received the update yesterday, but doesn't seem to have that feature. I have the exynos UK S10.
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@Evanzian  I also have the exynos UK S10 and whilst downloaded the update  seem to have the same issue with no Youtube search in Samsung Keyboards on text and Samsung Notes. I got  option to add Youtube and Translate  but I only have Translate.   Menu only brings up one screen, wonder if makes a difference if you have locked device which I do.  Other features seem fine, tried Dex just in case but did not expect that to function properly with a 2017 TV.

yes, same model
I've gotten it now thx ahahh
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